Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Junior Webmix

Some suggestions parents may find useful at this time.

Scroll down this page for some Symbaloo webmixes we think your child will find. Please supervise your child online. You would not leave your front door open. Remember that the internet is a portal to the world outside and take care.

This Symbaloo webmix below includes some early number and phonic activities for Junior Students. Click on the icon that looks like a black and white Rubik’s cube at the bottom of the page to open up the webmix and see it more clearly. In general the easier activities are at the top of the webmix and the more difficult ones are to the bottom.

A few of the activities need ‘Flash’ enabled as illustrated below (from the ‘How to Geek’ website )

In particular the following website are recommended.

 ‘Teach Your Monster To Read’, Part 1 Part 2 & Part 3

for Junior and Senior Infants and even 1st class. Now free to use on all devices, ‘Teach your Monster’ to read is an enjoyable way to reinforce the learning of phonics. By checking the statistics you can see what sounds your child has mastered and which ones they need to revise.

Explore the world of books on Bookflix from Scholastic.

ABCya has activities in Maths, Literacy and Strategy for classes from Kindergarten up. These are free to play on a desktop computer, but mobile access requires a premium plan.

Go Noodle is also free and provides movement breaks that the children enjoy.

Some additional early learning activities on a Symbaloo Webmix below. These will be added to over the next few weeks.

Maths/Literacy 1st/2nd Class:

On the school website menu to the left, you will see links to other collections of resources for older children. These webmixes cover subjects such as Maths, Irish, music, fine motor skills, typing, music and project work in History and Geography.

Click on the link below to download some ideas that do not require the internet.

Offline Activities from Kathleen Morris on Edublogs

And there are more ideas on the following link:

More activities that do not require technology. This list for younger children was put together by the Magic Múinteoir:

NEW: Children enjoy scavenger hunts. They are good for language development, comprehension, following directions, problem solving skills and memory work. They exercise both the mind and the body. If siblings are working together it promotes team work.

Both scavenger hunts sourced from Emily Van Gundy Stockwell on Facebook via ‘OT Toolbox.’

Sourced from ‘Get the Kids Outside’ Facebook page via the ‘OT Toolbox’

NEW 26th March 2020

The following ‘may be helpful for parents with young kids 4-10 that might be suffering from stress, anxiety or trouble sleeping as a result of everything that’s going on at the moment and the changes in their normal routine’.

Click HERE for stories to help from Dave Russell, Mind Coach.

And finally for this week, an alphabet activity from ‘Little Miss Teacher’ aka C.Fiorentini

Click on the following link to download a Reading Bingo sheet. If any of the suggestions are unlikely or impractical you can change them.


Keep checking back as we will add more activities to this page over time.

We are taking the ‘Goldilocks’ Approach’ and being selective about what we add: so not too much, not too little but hopefully getting the amount we post just right!