Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Senior Webmix

You might find the following suggestions useful during the time the school is closed on account of Covid19. It is intended for students from 3rd Class to 6th approximately. From after Easter there are NEW activities on SENIOR WEBMIX 2

There are a lot of useful links on the Symbaloo webmix below.

This is a Senior Webmix suitable for 3rd class up. It includes Touch Typing drills followed by typing games. These are colour coded orange. The blue squares are links to Thinking Games including coding.

Activities that help with comprehension and vocabulary development are colour coded purple. ‘Real life’ maths activities are coloured brown. The ‘Home Budgeting’ or Family Game is one of the activities on the Moneyville website. You will find it across the bridge on the island. More maths activities are colour coded aqua marine. Most of these are opportunities to practice number patterns and multiplication tables.

Click on the icon that looks like a black and white Rubik’s cube at the bottom of the page to open up the webmix and see it more clearly.

Please supervise your child online.

A few of the activities need ‘Flash’ enabled as illustrated below (from the ‘How to Geek’ website )

You might find the following have more substance and content. With  Khan Academy Maths you will need to register your child in order to log in. The received wisdom is that for Maths anyway, the American Grades are one level higher than your child’s class level. So for example a 6th class student would work on Grade 5. There is an initial test with Khan which should place your child on the correct level.

Read Theory for Comprehension

is a Literacy website you can sign up to. Reading is also a good way to spend this time.


is great for vocabulary development.

and Learn Irish with Duolingo also has potential.

Oxford Owl has an free ebook library with over 250 books in it and offers free access to teachers and parents once you create an account, for children aged 3-11 years old.

Kevin Spain, Games Promotion Officer, Éire Óg GAA very kindly sent us the following:
1. A 7 day Fitness & Wellness challenge for the children. Included is a certificate for the children when the challenge is completed. 7 Day-Fitness-Programme 7-Day-Fitness-Programme-Certificate
2. An Activity Challenge (not sport related).Activity Challenge Again there is a certificate for when the challenge is completed. Activity Challenge Certificate The worksheets are in word documents so parents can adjust to suit their own children’s abilities. Thank you Kevin.

Go Noodle is also free and provides movement breaks that the children enjoy.

We would also recommend watching News2Day However once the schools closed News2Day stopped broadcasting. However there is good news on the way. News2Day have said:Even though we’re not producing a daily show we hope to have special reports for our young audience during their time off school. We’re missing you all. Stay healthy. Wash your hands and be kind to each other while keeping your distance.’

Since then RTE has confirmed that they will broadcast over an hour of ‘school on TV’ for primary students (1st -6th class) from Monday 30th March, Monday to Friday 11am to 12.

There will also be related activities that can be downloaded from the RTÉ website:

RTE would like school children to be involved as much as possible to later each day at 4.15pm, which will allow young viewers to see the videos they have uploaded and other user-generated content.

Click on the link below for to download a ‘Lego 30 Day Challenge’ which may be of interest to your child.
LEGO 30 Days of Play This list of suggested activities comes from That Brick Life .com
Click on THIS link for a ‘History of Lego.’

David Walliam’s daily ‘audio stories’ are proving popular with children. Click HERE to listen. Starting on the 24th March, he has promised to do one every day for 30 days.

SCHOLASTIC is offering free, structured, easy to navigate, quality content for learning at home.Click HERE for activities in the area of reading about the natural and human world, for each class level.
If this appeals to your child, you might find that they will also enjoy National Geographic for Kids

Here is a useful list of offline activities prepared by ‘Magic Múinteoir’ for older children

Click on THIS link to view.

From the ‘Get the Kids Outside’ Facebook page via the ‘OT Toolbox’.

Finally here is a webmix of activities to develop Fine Motor Skills and Typing. The links on the left are for Juniors. As you move to the right the activities get more challenging and so are suitable for older children. There are also typing activities from Juniors to older classes approximately at the bottom of the page. They are colour coded orange. The last two rows are for 3rd class to 6th approximately. Of all of them comes highly recommended. Click on the icon that looks like a black and white Rubik’s cube at the bottom of the webmix to open it and see it more clearly.

Click on the following link to download a READING BINGO sheet from ‘Imagination Soup.’ You can change any suggestion that is unlikely or impractical.

Boys and girls, be sure to stay in touch with the older people in your lives: family, friends and neighbours who may be ‘cocooning’ to keep themselves safe. Make a call. Write a letter. Send a card. There are some ideas from the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Sports Partnership HERE

These are suggestions made from when the school closed on the 12th March until the end of the Easter Holidays on 19th April. Please check Senior Webmix 2 for new ideas for the Summer Term. (Link to be added)

We are taking the ‘Goldilocks’ Approach’ and being selective about what we add: so not too much, not too little but hopefully getting the amount we post just right!