Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Junior Webmix 2

This page, JUNIOR WEBMIX 2 will contain a menu of activities you might like to try at home. Plenty of variety so hopefully you will find something of interest to you and your child.

These will date from after the Easter Holidays. If you would like to see the activities for Infants to 2nd Class from before Easter click on THIS link for the first Junior Webmix. Do check back here from time to time as we will be adding to these suggestions.

Children reading and children being read to, is always a valuable use of time. Children enjoy being read to, right the way through primary school.

NEW Wicklow Arts Office have an exciting line-up for this year’s virtual Cruinniú na nÓg: Creating together while staying apart! There are loads of ways to win great prizes in film making, baking, writing, upcycling and song writing competitions. You can also sign up to take part in a range of creative workshops. All activities are online and FREE to enter.For details go to – part of the Creative Ireland Programme Supported by RTÉ

NEW Why not check out the Recommended Educational Links on the school website ?Click HERE to get familiar with the computer keyboard and to work on some Fine Motor Skills. The blue and orange tiles on the first three lines approximately are most appropriate for Juniors.


THIS resource has ideas for helping around the house. Following on from that, here are …

from the We Are Teachers website.


A number of parents have said  that while their child is managing with Maths and English, Irish is presenting challenges. So the staff have suggested some ideas that you might find useful. Thanks particularly to Ms. Mangan and Mr. Dodd for their advice.


‘Dr. Dog is a collaboration between illustrator Lydia Monks and Professor James G Logan from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr. Dog was created as a friendly face who can educate and reassure young children about the Coronavirus outbreak’

You can download the book DrDogDoc

This download was sourced from

Click on THIS link to see a well illustrated and engaging picture book written by John Burgerman called ‘Everybody Worries’ published by Oxford Press. It’s message is ‘this won’t last forever’.

Also from the Oxford Press a special eBook from Winnie the Witch and Wilbur her cat about staying at home.

Parents might find this helpful for older ‘Junior’ classes.

UK teacher Mr. Mike Forde wrote a story ‘How not to go to school’ for his 3/4 class to help them come to terms with school shutdown. Since then, it’s been read by thousands of families all around the world. Parsley Mimblewood is the hero and each chapter explores an issue that might be on children’s minds at the moment such as missing friends, dealing with emotions and feeling cooped up. Since then he says ‘I’ve been overwhelmed to hear from parents of all kinds who’ve used this book as a tool to help their families discuss emotions and well-being during this time.’

The free download of the book which Mr. Forde has very generously shared is parsleymimblewoodsavestheworld. He is raising money for the NHS.

The WordPress Blog from which this story comes features Mr. Forde reading the story too.


PPE explained for children – a video on Facebook from the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.


Here are some additional short videos with advice from NEPS

Some useful reminders for staying on track. Stay active & connected: a useful short video from NEPs (National Educational Psychological Service) It will only take a minute!


Parents, children and teachers are high in their praise of RTE2’s ‘Home School’ for primary students (1st -6th class) Monday to Friday 11am to 12. In additions there activities that can be downloaded from the RTÉ website: And students can upload their pictures and videos on this link also.

RTE are now providing the topics that are being covered each week in advance: For the this week’s Home School Hub click HERE

From 10-11 am each morning there are lessons through Irish on Cula4 Scroll down the link to see the lesson content planned for the week.


Staying Positive and Calm – another useful reminder from NEPS


Here are some links to online ‘arts’ activities: music and art. Please supervise your child when they are online.

From ‘The Bray People’:
‘It’s hard being away from those we love at the moment, which is why it is more important than ever to remind those we love just how much they mean to us.

We would like to give our younger readers the opportunity to send a message to their grandparents and loved ones, telling them how much they miss them and how much they mean to them.

We want the children of Wicklow (with mammy and daddy’s help and permission!) to email us a photo of themselves with a short message for their grandparents. We will print all the photos and messages in our paper – guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all the grandparents out there!

So Mammies and Daddies, please email your photos, message, name and address to:’

Click HERE for the link to a 36 page activity book: ‘The Great Isolation Activity Workbook’ created by @TeacherTeacher_ The earlier pages may be suitable for younger students.

See these ideas more clearly on THIS link

HERE we have some great ideas from The Scouts



Interested in bird life. Take a look at this lovely interactive website page HERE and HERE



Here is a Time Capsule Challenge that your child might enjoy. It is from ‘

There is a long alternative HERE with other activities. Created by Natalie @LongCreations, both are an opportunity to create a memento of this historic time.


The following list is from

SCIENCE UPDATED Click on THIS link for ‘fun and easy’ Science experiments that can be done with children.

In addition you could:

  • Investigate which objects float in a bowl or sink filled with water. Check with an adult before you test the objects in the water!
  • Draw pictures of a healthy meal and an unhealthy meal.
  • Design an imaginary creature. Where does it live? What does it eat? How is it adapted to living in its environment? Could you make a food chain that includes your creature?
  • Use yoghurt pots and string to make a telephone.
  • Write a set of instructions to show people how to look after a plant.
  • Place ice cubes in bowls in different places (for example by a window, in the fridge, in a cupboard). Which one will melt the fastest?
  • Choose your favourite animal and find out more about them using books or information online. Can you present the information in different ways (e.g. a poster, a written report or a video)?

Some useful reminders about being responsible and informed from NEPS (National Educational Psychological Service). This will take less than a minute!


Let’s Play, Ireland is a government-led initiative aimed at promoting play for all children living in Ireland during the COVID-19 emergency.

Playing is central to children’s physical, mental, social and emotional health and wellbeing. Children learn through play while developing resilience, flexibility and understanding of their world. Play in families enriches childhood. All children and young people have a right to play

Play At Home Playbook for play time, traditional and new from Playworks


Ms. McNally sent us this 30 Day Kindness Calendar (from Twink.l) with lots of good ideas for kindness and positivity.

Scavenger Hunts have proved popular so far. HERE are three Scavenger Hunts: Measurement, Estimation and Shape.

Safety Notice: The following poster from ‘Get the Kids Outside’ mentions a ‘rail trail’. Google says this is a ‘Purpose built off-road shared pedestrian and cycleway trail, along disused railway track’. The train track is a different place and is dangerous!


UPDATED: The Junior Webmix from before Easter had a webmix for Maths and Literacy for 1st/2nd Class. This was updated 7th May 2020 with nine new links. It is posted here.

The tiles that are untitled are the new ones. There is a glitch so the titles disappeared 😉 However the link titles are visible, if you hover the mouse over the tile.
On the school website menu to the left, you will see links to other collections of resources for older children. These webmixes cover subjects such as Maths, Irish, music, fine motor skills, typing, music and project work in History and Geography.


Just in case you missed this elsewhere on this website: CUMANN NA mBUNSCOL would like to invite you to participate in an exciting COMPETITION that will celebrate the iconic moments in Irish sporting history. We want you to use whatever materials and props that are available in your own home to recreate these iconic sporting moments. Perhaps you will be delivering a famous speech from the Hogan Stand in Croke Park. Will you be one of our famous Olympians?? Maybe you’ll be saving or scoring penalties at Italia 90, winning golf majors or bringing home the snooker world championship trophy. It’s completely up to you. We have lots of prizes to give away so please email your photographs (or short videos) to , or share via twitter

This time where schools are closed and children are at home, is an opportunity. Who knows these activities may unlock another talent, a life long interest or a career path in later life!

Graphic sourced from Sensory Friendly Ireland UK Facebook page

June in school is always an interesting month and the focus of many of the activities on the website will be less academic in the up and coming Junior Webmix 3