Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

The Students’ Council

School Year 2019/20
UPDATE to the IN YOUR SHOES Initiative  – Well done to all and thanks to Janet, Rebecca, Ms. Murray and the Student Council. 175 pairs of runners are heading to Sligo and then on to South Africa! Super job! Thanks so much to parents and children for their generosity and also to the Parents’ Association, Student Council and all the school for supporting and collecting and storing all the shoes. They will be very much appreciated.

The Parents Association and the Students Council are joining forces to support the “In My Shoes” appeal for 2020.

“In My Shoes” is an appeal for a donation of quality, pre-loved trainers & sports shoes from families in Ireland, which are sent to kids in townships in Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to the support of Parcel Motel, donations of sports shoes are accepted from anyone across Ireland so we are easily able to get the sports footwear to the appropriate place.

Sometimes, a fairly simple idea can really strike a chord with many. Particularly if it taps into the Irish tradition of giving to those in need. During a business trip to South Africa, Sligoman, Ciaran McHugh, visited the township of Khayelitsha, the largest township or “slum” in Cape Town, in November 2018.  He was moved to reach out to the many enthusiastic yet ill-equipped kids who were desperate to play sport in the township. They had no shoes.

We can help by checking our homes for good condition runners/football boots which our children have outgrown. The good news is we are helping other children and also taking positive action for the environment by recycling.

Please support our appeal. Click on the link for further information

January 2020

GRANDPARENTS’ DAY was a wonderful day. Held on Wednesday 29th January, it was part of Catholic Schools’ Week in the school. Thanks to all the grandparents that attended. They arrived in three groups: Infants to 1st class, 2nd to 4th, and 5th and 6th. First the visitors were brought by members of the Students’ Council to their grandchild’s classroom. Well done to the Students’ Council for the work they did on the day. Grandparents were made very welcome. In preparation the children had done lots of art work and told us all about their wonderful grandparents and what they liked to do with them. Then children and their grandparents attended a prayer service in the school hall. Thank you to Fr. Gerard Tyrrell who officiated at the prayer services for each group. To finish there was tea and biscuits for our visitors. Thank you to the Parents’ Association for catering. We hope all the grandparents enjoyed the day as much as we did. It was a privilege to meet you all and to see the great relationships that you have with your grandchildren. A slideshow is to follow in the next few days.

There was a HAPPY OCCASION in school during the week. Fergal Smyth from Cystic Fibrosis Ireland came to collect a cheque for the money the boys and girls raised for CF on Christmas Jumper Day last term. The Student Council officiated and there is a slideshow of the occasion below. Well done everyone.

Thanks so much to Sharon and Aoife for taking the photos.

School Year 2018/19

National Tree Week 2019: Planting for the Planet to Combat Climate Change

Just a month into the new term and the newly elected Student Council have already been busy. Our 6th class reps have represented the school on two occasions: during the visit from the Minister for Health, Simon Harris and also by addressing the new Junior Infant parents at the Open Night last week. They were really super on both occasions. The Student Council are also our Active School Committee. At today’s meeting they spoke about promoting activity in the school. They plan to begin a ‘running initiative’ in every class, introduce and manage some equipment to the yard at break time and to organise the sports equipment for the school. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement of these awesomely enthusiastic representatives. Ms. Woodcock, Student Council Co-ordinator.

School Year 2017/18

Congratulations to the Students’ Council for all the work they did this school year, helping to organise events like the mammoth cake sale at Halloween and Green Day in March. Their participation ensured everything ran smoothly. In particular we would like to thank the council for the work they did fundraising for the defibrillator and for the Gavin Glynn Foundation. The council is now liaising more closely to the Parents’ Association. This will ensure an even closer community here in St. Brigid’s. Well done to all concerned. A special thank you to Ms. Woodcock. We couldn’t do this without you!

Well done to the children from 3rd to 6th class who were chosen to represent their classes on the Student Council. They will work with Ms. Woodcock to ensure the student voice is heard. They will also be helping Ms. Teehan to promote the Active Flag activities that we do in our school. They are already helping us to come up with some new ideas.

The Students Council and Parents Association have worked together in the past. The Student Council were asked by the PA what charity Green Day should support. They chose the Gavin Glynn Foundation. Now the Student Councils and Parents Association are working together on a more formal basis. They are reported to have had a super session on 27th April, 2018. The Student Council were enthusiastic and full of great ideas. So much so the PA has requested Ms Woodcock to pencil in another meeting before the end of year. The PA feel that they should have 3 or 4 sessions with the Students Council during the school year. Good communication like this between the PA and Students’ Council should create an even better school community. Well done to all concerned.

Our 6th class representatives on the students council officially welcomed our new junior infants and their parents to the school this week. Peggy and Loman spoke to the infants themselves, giving great advice and informing them of all the wonderful things they have to look forward to in their years in this school. Emily and Andrew spoke to the parents at their meeting to let them know what this school was like from a student’s point of view. They spoke of all the wonderful opportunities that lay ahead of their little boys and girls and all the wonderful memories they themselves had over their 7 years in this school. Our student council did the school very proud.

We are very proud of our Student Council. A Student Council is the voice of the students in the school. Members are elected by each class from 3rd class up at the beginning of each school year. They work in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. They meet regularly and make great suggestions for the happiness and smooth running of the school. Thanks to Ms. Woodcock who co-ordinates all this work.

In particular the Student Council in St. Brigid’s do great work organizing fund raising events in the school. Most recently, in June 2017 they ran a Charity T-shirt Day. The students chose to collect for Greystones Cancer Support and St. Catherine’s School. They raised 840 euro so each charity will receive 420 euro.

The Student Council also work as the Active School Council. You can read about the work we have done towards the Active School Flag HERE