The Summer Slide

Keeping Up Reading:

If you google the phrase ‘Summer Slump’ or ‘Summer Slide’ you will see how research shows that children can slip back academically over the summer holidays. Children who don’t read during summer can slip back by two to three months in their reading achievement. Keeping up reading over the summer is one way to counteract this.

Summer Reading Challenge:

As adults we read, but that does not mean we read books like ‘War and Peace’ all the time! By the same token children benefit by reading books that they are able for and enjoy. Reading even five or six ‘age appropriate’ books over the summer can help. Some children get stuck at a particular stage; and in 5th class are reading the same books and authors that they enjoyed in 2nd. For the last number of years Wicklow Libraries have run a Summer Reading Challenge at Greystones Library.

Suggestions to beat the summer slide

Play 20 Questions:

This is a game,that with practice really teaches children how to think. It is can be played most anytime and anywhere; on car journeys or at bedtime.

Go Noodle:

Perhaps your child has mentioned how much they enjoy Go Noodle in school. The great news is that ‘Go Noodle’ is encouraging activity and positivity over the summer with their online Summer Camp. You can sign up as a parent and it is free.

Teach your monster to read:

Also free to play on computer (You have to pay on an ipad) is Teach Your Monster To Read This teaches phonics to younger students (Infants-1st). Checking the statistics option on the website, you can check which sounds your child has mastered and which ones they find challenging.


Perhaps you would like to help your child with Irish but lack confidence in your own ability. Using ‘Duolingo’ you and your child can work together and master the language. We hope to do this as a whole school in September, so why not start now!

If there's "nothing to do" - READ!

We hope that the weather is wonderful over the summer, however if there is a rainy afternoon and your child is at a loose end, please encourage them to read.

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