Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

5th & 6th Class

6th Class Autumn 2021

The 6th class hike to Glendalough is a very popular annual event and a rite of passage for 6th class. Reports this year are that this year’s 6th are extremely fit and that the hike took thirty minutes less than usual because of this. Many thanks to Mr. Dodd for organizing this important event on the 6th class calendar.


School Year 2020-21

Poetry from Room 16

These poems were written by Ms. Hughes’ 6th class using a technique called “Hug Closely” where students used a famous poem as their ‘model’ text. The thinking is that students need to imitate before they can innovate. Room 16 did it also with Heaney’s Blackberry Picking back in Autumn 2020.

6th class poetry Poetry Room 16

6th Class

School Year 2020-21


5th Class

Talented Poets

Young poets from Ms. Caffrey’s 5th class received a lovely email from Clodagh in Greystones Library. The children had entered the Greystones Library Christmas Tree Poem Competition (which runs until 22nd December).

Clodagh said: ‘Many thanks for sending the library the wonderful Christmas tree poems that the children composed. 
We are so impressed with these creative poems that we decided to put them up in the most public place in the library!
The poems are displayed in the porch window as people enter the library. The display will stay up until after Christmas. 
We hope each child will visit the library with their family to look at the display and to collect their individual poem which has been laminated as our way of saying thank you for sharing your poems with the community of Greystones.
  Please ask the children to come to  the children’s’ section desk of the library to pick up their laminated copy of their poem. 
Once again sincere thanks to you all.
The library wishes you all a very happy Christmas and joyful New Year. ‘

Well done to the children from 5th class for writing the poems and many thanks to Clodagh for the encouragement.

  • Holly, 5th Class St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Sadhbh,  5th Class  St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Cal, 5th Class St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Inara, 5th Class St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Yao Yao, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Eva, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Beth, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Alexia, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Grace, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Maeve, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Christiaan W, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones  
  • Katie H & Isabel McC 5thClass St. Brigid’s NS Greystones –a collaboration






Christmas is a time to be happy

Hopeful children dreams fill the night

Rain turns from sleet to snow as it falls

Icing Christmas trees so bright

Santa sleigh glides silently through the sky

The sound of laughter fills the air

My head is spinning with excitement

As I hear Santa’s books creaking on the stair

Santa filled my stocking as I drift to sleep –

lots of exciting presents

underneath the 






By Holly Mc Guire, 5th Class St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

Children playing in the soft snow

Happy people exchanging gifts

Rudolph shining his big red nose

Icicles hanging off the colourful houses

Santa on his way in his sleigh

Trees for sale all around

Merry Christmas to everyone

All my family here for Christmas

Some people putting up the lights


The smell of the Christmas tree is so Christmassy

Really happy for Christmas

Everyone having fun

Exhilaration and joy


by Sadhbh Doyle,

5th Class

St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones


is the time of year

Holly and some Christmas cheer

Rudolf and the sleigh bells ringing

Inside houses people singing

Christmas trees with amazing lights

Treats and presents all the nights

Make sure not to get in a fight

Also be good with all your might

Since Santa

Tonight is

Really here

Everyone is happy.
Everyone cheer.

by Cal Melvin,

5th Class

St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

My Christmas tree

is different from the others

because he was hit by lightning

Now he changes colours

My Christmas tree is

Colourful, bright

With a personality

that is



and light.

I love my Christmas Tree

because he reminds me

of ME.

by Inara Fioraso,

5th Class

St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

Christmas Tree

That Christmas tree

is a rainbow of colour

a peacock standing proudly

on Christmas Day.

Where did they take me?

the little tree thought.

Why did they take me away

from my family and friends?

Why am I in this room

standing in the corner?

And who are these people

putting things on me

making my branches feel

so heavy?

I came from a snowy forest

And now I am here.

by Yao Yao Zhu, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

Christmas Tree


Spiky tree

Branches swaying

In the deep, dark, silent


A Christmas tree lurks

A sad blue Christmas tree

Out in rainy weather and depressed

Trying to

find a home


creeps into

 the warm living room

It finds a home for Christmas

By Eva Gaube, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

I am a Christmas Tree

I live in the forest

Cool and dry

Reach my arms

Into the sky

I see the little humans

running around me

looking for the perfect tree


I am spotted and taken down

I lost my home

my friends

the sky

Brought into a strange place

Small, warm and dry

Things dangling from me

The place as tall as me

I do not like this place

Please take me home

Beth Deery, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones



a tree

A proud pine

tree in the forest.

It was me that got picked

I left the rest of the trees

Up in the far away gloomy mountain

Young children laughing

The warm and cosy fire crackles

Luscious candy canes heavy on my branches

A sparkly shiny star about me

I am a

Christmas Tree

Alexia Florides, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

The day before Thanksgiving

I was cut down.

I was taken from the forest

I felt sad

I grew up there

My whole life in the forest

and the thick snow

My friends are all gone,

along with my family

I was one of the last ones

Now I’m in this strange unfamiliar place

With things hanging off the ends of my branches

People hung them on me

Small people


laughing people

I am laughing too

Happier than I used to be

These people keep talking

about this thing by the name of…


Grace Allan, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

The Story of a Christmas Tree

I was so excited

for the day I’d be chosen

Children inspected me by the dozen

Then the day came!

But oh the agonizing pain

They carted me off in the back of their truck

I had such good luck

They decorated me with care

Everyone would stop and stare

To look at my beautiful decorations

I was the best tree in the nation

A month later they stripped me bare of my decoration

I was no longer the best.

They put me in the back of their truck

The kids waved goodbye.

They looked pretty shook.

Maeve Goulding, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

MY Christmas Tree

My Christmas Tree

is the colour red

because it was cheaper

in the Black Friday Sale.

On days of crunching icy snow

It brightens the mood

Which is a tradition.

The best time of the year



Christiaan Whelan, 5th Class, St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones

Christmas Tree

What is a Christmas Tree?

What does it do?

Do I give it a hug?

Does it go moo?

No! That’s a cow.

If I touch it…

Would it say OW?

Wait I’m pretty sure that is holly

But does this tree make me jolly?

Does it come from afar?

And where do I put the bright shining star?

What do I put on it?

Lots of tinsel or bright shiny bobbles?

Where do I put it?

On my roof ?

Or in a chicken coop?

Do I name it Billy? 

Or is that too silly?

Is it really a tree?

Can it carry me?

Do I keep it up all Christmas?

When do I take it down?

I would like if my Christmas tree

Was the best in town

It’s a big green tree right!

All I have to do is cover it in bright lights

I think I’m thinking …

Too much


I forgot to clean the chimney!!

By Katie Heffernan & Isabel McCarthy 5th Class St. Brigid’s NS Greystones

Talented Artists

Congratulations to Lucy F from Ms. Hughes’ 6th class whose entry to the 66th Texaco Children’s Art Competition reached the final stages of the judging process this year. Lucy was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for her entry. The standard this year was exceptional and we are so proud of her achievement.

You may remember Lucy F had created a Christmas Card which will be for sale as part of the Dog’s Trust Christmas fundraiser. You can read more about her achievement on the Greystones Guide Well done Lucy

Lucy O’ L, another Lucy at our school has built a small business out of her clay artworks. Lucy has always loved art and making things. To keep herself occupied during the first Lockdown, she began to create clay figurines. So impressed have family and friends been by her creations that requests for commissioned pieces have been flooding in. She has so many orders now that she won’t be taking any more until after Christmas. Maith thú Lucy. Comhghairdeas. Again you can read more about Lucy’s artistic talents on Greystones Guide.

5th Class Room 15

5th Class

6th Class

School Year 2019-2020

May 2020

More captivating, creative writing from Ms. Hughes’ 6th Class

Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Kiera Danilova

An isolated cliff stood surrounded by an unknown forest. Out of nowhere on the cliff, a massive Rock trembled as he slowly rose to be awakened by the slight noise of footsteps. “I’ve never seen her before,” mumbled the vague Rock dreamily as he watched Paper swiftly glide amongst all the pleasing nature.

Amongst the trees, patrolled a thin, metal beast with hands as sharp as scissors and with eyes like a hawk. Looking for his unsuspecting prey, he slashed anything that was in his way.

Suddenly, as Rock became cautious of what was happening, his worry overwhelmed him making him grab on tighter which caused the stone to collapse. He bounced off the rigid cliff with the sound of a big thud and he found himself alongside the attractive Paper creature.

Slaying the innocent trees of the greenwood as if they were made of paper, Scissors was eagerly ready to pounce. As time flew by quickly, Rock had to think of something to get the attention of the clueless Paper. Rock stretched out his hand to Paper hoping she would grab on. Would the confused Paper grab on to Rock and escape the danger ahead?

Faster than a shooting star, Rock and Paper rushed deeper into the forest, hearts beating rapidly as if it was their last day to live, before they noticed their heartless enemy approaching them. They knew what was coming. A trap!

Running as fast as the wind, they found themselves at a dead end. All the darkness surrounded the clearing, all was dead, except one innocent flower. Behind the lucky flower, Scissors had appeared to finish what he had come for.

Proudly, Scissors marched and stood on the one flower that had not decayed and it made Paper strike. As weak as Paper, she bolted to Scissors. Out of nowhere, he sliced Paper in half.

“How could you!!” yelled furious Rock as Scissors tried to weaken Rock but failed. Minutes felt like seconds, as Scissors was preparing for his next attack until Rock sprung up into the air and trampled Scissors.

As Rock’s life flashed before his eyes, he noticed he had defeated Scissors but all he really cared about was Paper. All of a sudden, when Rock gently tried to lift her up, he started to crumble.

The journey felt like days but Rock had arrived, dead….

“ What happened? ” mumbled confused Paper as she saw Rock’s, body parts…

Sadly, she picked up Rock’s face which was surprisingly heavy and he had the widest smile that was as bright as the sun because he had died saving her. As sad as a black stone, she embraced his face and she promised that she would keep him in her memories until the end of time.

In a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, only one can stand.


Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Isabelle Sheldrick

Daring yellow daffodils floated gently in the breeze beneath a disheveled mound of crumbling stone. Rock slowly looked around hesitantly as he strode to the side of the ragged cliff edge carefully gazing into the colourful forest. “She is gorgeous and amazing! Who is she?” whispered Rock glaring at the delicate fairy flying around the quiet forest silently as she grew flowers beneath her soft touch.
Amongst the trees struck a harsh animated figure in the distance, his slick hair shining in the light as he sliced the tall green trees bravely. Suddenly, the rocks slipped from underneath Rock’s feet as he crashed rapidly down the rocky hill, swaying around before finally landing on his feet with a heavy smash on the rugged ground.
Cutting down the lofty trees harshly, Scissors glared through the tall trees daringly as he began to slowly get closer. The next few seconds felt like an eternity and you could hear Scissors cutting down trees fast and furiously while Rock reached out his hand to Paper for help. If Paper doesn’t make up her confused mind, would they be sliced to pieces together?
Like a bullet, they scattered into the forest in fear, Scissors wasn’t far behind them as their hearts were racing faster than ever. Suddenly, they got out and they were trapped!
Slowly, as Scissors approached them, Paper had an unbelievable idea. Paper made up her worried mind in fear. She strikingly went head first at Scissors confidently until…. Suddenly, Scissors caught Paper off guard and she fell to the ridged ground gently, lying there motionless. As Rock gazed at Paper on the ground still, he moved his arms back and forward swiftly and let out a harsh grunt fiercely. Suddenly, he launched up aggressively to the sky as Scissors slowly backed away in fear. Rock came hurtling down at Scissors and pounded onto him making him flat as he slowly disappeared.

Rock slowly lifted his head up and spotted Paper lying coldly the ground. As he walked over quickly, he spotted a bit of Paper’s skirt blowing off into the wind. Rock picked her up but his hands started to crumble and with grunts of pain walked into the depths of the forest. Would Paper be alright? Was she ever going to wake up from the slumber she had fallen into?

As Paper slowly woke up, she saw Rock’s head lying there emotionless. She slowly picked up his head and gazed at the stone, hard face. She noticed the trail of Rock’s body, put her head down and looked at Rock. Suddenly, she hugged his head tightly and started to tear up as she stared at Rock’s remains.


Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rebecca O’Connor

The leaves on the trees glistened lightly in the rays of the sun as the clouds began to cover the sky, shadowing the gleaming green grass. As Rock slowly emerged from his tight round ball, he heard a soft flicker of sound so he got up swiftly to investigate the quiet noise. “Who is she? Where did she come from?” whispered Rock softly, gazing at a sweet youthful forest fairy, fluttering through the greenery as she took care of each individual flower with her bare hands.

Through the tremendously tall trees, a silver sharp creature paced his way cutting out every object in front of him as he glared around for his next victim. Suddenly, the cliff below Rock’s bare hands began to crumble rapidly as he tumbled down the steep hill, landing in front of the sweet little fairy.

Scything through the fragile forest, Scissors sliced the thin trees in two, creating a clear course for his dangerous journey ahead. Time stood still as Rock began to persuade the delicate imp to accompany him through the woodlands, far away from the vicious creature. What would Paper decide? Would she risk everything or hurt her amicable acquaintance?

Like a bolting bullet, Rock and Paper swiftly sped through the deep, dark, dangerous forest expecting Scissors to pop out at any moment to viciously eliminate Paper once and for all. They met a dead end … they were TRAPPED!

Spontaneously, Paper savagely attacked her enemy with no fear about her own health and safety. Out of the blue, Scissors slits the precious fairy, pushing her onto the rough ragged rocks, out of his way completely. As slow as a snail, Scissors head rose, glaring at what he thought would be his next victim. Swiftly, Scissors attacked the stiff Rock, angering him for hurting his beloved new friend. Charging at Scissors, Rock invaded Scissors space crushing him into millions of minute pieces, letting them fly all over the scene.

Time passed slowly as Rock eventually saw what had happened to his new friend. Scurrying over to his friend, he realised this was his fault! “This wouldn’t have happed if I had protected her. What have I done?” thought Rock as he tried to pick up the injured imp, bringing her to safety, risking his own.

Scraps of paper fluttered in the breeze whilst the sun peeped through the tiny cracks in the clouds until the rays completely covered the beautiful blue sky. On top of a strong sturdy stone, paper lay and as she awoke from her luscious slumber, she realised Rock had sacrificed his life for hers, letting himself perish for his true love.

Was Paper now all alone with nowhere to go?

April 2020

Blue Hour by the Lake 1
Creative Commons License

aslam karachiwala via Compfight

Midnight Lake by Jill Tritschler

Stars filled the night sky, shining like crystals strewn across the empty abyss we call space. The moon hung low amongst them, glowing silver, lighting the land below with its dreary and ominous glow.

Strolling through the silent wood, my mind wandered off, past the limits of imagination, setting free my curiosity. As twigs and branches snapped underfoot, cold air filled my lungs and the icy breeze blew through my hair. The more I walked, the more tired I became. I was barely awake when I stumbled upon a mystical lake. The water was clear, and the moon and stars reflected off the water making it seem as if two skies had conquered the night in complete unison and glory. I
slowly knelt by the waters edge beside a wilting willow tree, reached over and touched the lake’s water. It rippled, shaking the starry reflection. I stared deep into the water. The more I gazed, the more enticed I grew. It was as if the water was beckoning me towards it. I took off my shoes and socks and my necklace which was a gift from my gran. I hung the shimmering chain on the branch of the willow and plummeted into the lake.

I sunk deeper and deeper as the water grew darker and darker. The stars faded off into the distance, leaving me in an empty abyss. But this was not space. It was without the planets and
burning stars. Where I was, there was no life. Not even my own. I never returned after that night. That lake was never visited again. But by the waters edge, lay my old shoes and hanging from a branch on a wilting willow, my grans glistening chain stays untouched. And, with little doubt, I believe it will hang there, forever.

December 2019

Self Portraits from Ms. Donnelly’s 5th Class, Room 12

Christmas art work from Ms. Walle’s 5th Class, Room 11

Well done to Ms. Donnelly’s 5th class students who produced a recipe book for their parents. ‘Bursting with delicious recipes, Room 12 have put together a cookbook with recipes for the whole family. Everyone can join in counting the days up to Christmas Day/Eve with our enjoyable Christmas sweet and savoury treats.’

Congratulations to a young author in the school, Oisín from 6th class. He won 2nd place in a creative writing competition run by Arklow library following his attendance at a writing workshop with local author Eleanor O’Reilly. Oisín came second with an excellent piece of writing entitled: ‘Dark Wraith.’

Thank you to all those who supported the Halloween Bake Sale in aid of The Bray Lakers. As you may be aware, the Bray Lakers lost four buses and a lot of school equipment in a fire last October. They are eager to replace all the equipment and buses that they lost in this fire. Your donation will go a long way towards helping them. Photographs that follow are of the 6th class helpers. Well done everyone.

Peer learning is motivating and involves the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience between participants. During Codeweek in October 2019, in Mr. Dodd’s sixth class, a number of the students introduced the rest of the class to coding with Scratch.

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive activities, games, and animations.

Scratch helps us learn to think, to problem solve, to be creative and to work together — essential skills for life in the 21st century. And it is fun!

The kitchen in school is new. We have it since September 2018. We are making good use of it.
Here some 5th class students made DIY Desserts.

21st March 2019
#World Poetry Day
‘I Can’t Write A Poem’ by Leon O’B

The kids in the yard are too noisy.

Are you kidding?

I fell off my chair I got cut.

And it really hurt.

I need to go to the toilet urgently enough.

Call my Mom, I feel sick.

My shoes are on fire.

I swear I have nits.

I need to go home.

Or I’ll give it to the other kids.


Ding! Time’s up.


If my Teacher sees this

I’ll be sent out.

At least I have got some good excuses.

October 2018

Barbara Flynn Photography

Well done to the talented students in Mr. Dodd’s 6th class who helped mark an historical event that occurred at Greystones Harbour on this date, the 25th October, in 1910. Those in attendance were high in their praise of the historical re-enactment.

Barbara Flynn Photography

You can read more about the occasion on THIS link from Greystones Guide which includes a video of the re enactment of a confrontation between suffragettes Hanna Sheehy Skeffington and Hilda Webb and the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Augustine Birrell. Thank you to Greystones Guide for recording this event for posterity.

Barbara Flynn Photography

Thank you too, to Rosemary Raughter of the Greystones Archaeological and Historical Society who invited the students from St. Brigid’s to participate. Whenever we pass by the plaque that was put up today we will be reminded that we were there on this day.

Barbara Flynn Photography

Thank you also to Barbara Flynn Photography for the great photos of the occasion.

Maths Week – The Marshmallow Challenge
Here is some of the work from Ms. Walle’s 5th Class Room 11. At 59 centimetres, their’s was the winning structure. Well done. We hope to repeat the Marshmallow Challenge next year, to see if we can do even better.

As part of Maths Week, lots of classes tried The Marshmallow Challenge. The students had 18 minutes to build tallest free standing structure using 20 sticks of dry spaghetti, 1 marshmallow, 1 m masking tape, 1 m string, 1 pair of scissors.

Here is Ms. Donnelly’s 5th Class at work

And here is Ms. Hughes’ 5th Class Room 12 at work on the Marshmallow Challenge.

6th Class Hike in Glendalough

Mr. Dodd’s class went on the annual 6th Class Trip to Glendalough. You can see a slide show of photos from the day HERE

Afterwards they wrote about their day.

Glendalough by Ciara G

The Start: As you begin to ascend the boardwalk a river races beside you and the tall, proud trees surround you. As you get higher and higher have leave the river behind you and you begin to imagine the thousands of feet that had stood where you stand, all aware of the long journey ahead. The further and further the car park becomes your mind seems to float away from your body and you can see the pixies dancing in the treetops. As you walk out of the woods the scene unfolds before you: the dark lake with the trees etched on its surface.
That is when you see them, the rulers of this world, the Sitka Deer. Their big, gleaming eyes seem to look straight through you to see if you deserve to enter their kingdom. As you walk further on, their penetrating eyes follow you. Time seems to move differently above those tree tops. The wind howls and the tress ripple but still we walk. We finally cross the wooden bridge over the powerful Glenealo River. It’s all worth it as we sit watching the river speed by as we devour our lunch.
We start again with renewed energy. We complete our final half of our walk through the Miners Village and past the mysterious lake. It’s a truly magical place. One filled with imagination and magic. It opens the eyes of many to so many possibilities and it was an amazing place to visit. All of us will remember it for a long time.

Our School Trip to Glendalough.

The day before our trip was the day, Mr. Dodd filled us with lots of information that really helped along the trip, about U-shaped valleys are created by glaciers and V-shaped valleys are created by rivers and lots more useful information. Learning about Glendalough was great. I always thought I knew everything there is to know about Glendalough but was wrong. I never knew all this amazing information
The next day was the day of the nine km walk in Glendalough. I was so excited for this walk to see the amazing views and the landscapes. We arrived at our destination, we heard oh so much about and began one of the longest walks I had ever done. First we started with this long flight of wooden stairs. I was so slow walking up the stair but that amazing waterfall made it worth it. I just wished that I had brought my camera with me.
But after those stair s we started with a long, steep hill. Compared to the stairs it wasn’t that long.After what felt like a couple of minutes we reached the top of the hill, but I thought it was over and we could all go home. But no. I was wrong again. We had to start the over six hundred step board walk.
After six hundred steps of mud we finally reached our half way point for lunch and sweets. With a full tummy, we started heading back through the Miners Village.
It was really fun and historic while it lasted. Anyway I hope Mr. Dodd brings us on more amazing school trips just like this one. Thank you Mr. Dodd.

A Long and Weary March by Alannah G
It started off like any other school day, in the yard. Our line was buzzing with anticipation and excitement for the day to come. We got on the bus and relaxed for we knew that the day to come would be strenuous.
Once we got there, we were overflowing with energy and delight. After about ten minutes of walking we were all dragging our feet and breathing heavily. Stopping at the waterfall, we gasped in awe and all our energy came flowing back to us as we prepared to walk the boardwalk.
After what seemed liked forever but only like ten of five minutes later, we arrived at the boardwalk. Starting it was exhilarating count step by step all the way up then we got into our stride and laughter once more filled the air.
We went up and up into the mountains, losing all sense of time altogether. The only thing that spurred us on was the thought of lunch and sitting down to relax.
When it came time for lunch, we collapsed on the ground and mustered up enough energy to grab our lunchboxes and started eating. We stopped there for about twenty minutes or so and then were on our way.
Walking back was uneventful but more fun. We were used to walking by now and could chat and joke as we strode along.
As we rode home on the bus, I felt a mixture of feelings. Regret for leaving Glendalough with its spectacular views and air of fantasy and wonder but relief for we had done it, we had completed and I knew it was a sensation that I will remember forever.

An October breeze, the leaves were drifting gracefully off the trees. We were meeting at the school at exactly ten to nine so we could walk to the bus to start our journey to Glendalough. It was an hour until we reached the beautiful colossal sized mountains. The bus was tight but manageable. The seats were reasonably comfortable. Time passed. Some people looked as white as a ghost with travel sickness.
Eventually we arrive at the sight of the enchanting mountains lurking with gloomy, washed out, grey mist. We were starting our trek with three hours, to do thirteen kilometres, with six hundred steps to climb. With time to spare we patiently waited for the other 6th class to arrive at the scene. After about five minute, their bus had parked, they had taken their luggage and had eventually come upon us.
The beginning started off wonderfully with the stream of the waterfall. The sound of it crashing against the rocks was particularly soothing and magical. After that it was a bit chaotic, for that delayed us, so we had to get a move on, while we continued our forest scenery observations.
We had reached the top of the spectacular mountain view where we really got to picture of the dreamy like view that Mr. Dodd was explaining.

Carelessly we sprinted to where we sat to rest and munch our food. I was ravenous for the food that my father had packed. After twenty minutes of our feast we continued on our journey.
It was slightly easier to get down the mountain as it was going downhill.
Once we got past the steep rocks we were gazing at the Upper Lake which was mesmerizing as it stayed so still yet swayed magnificently.
As if I was in a trance, Megan pulled me over to see this encounter of a grave that read ‘Amy’. Apparently it happened on a school tour and Amy had tragically passed away.
As the walk came to an end I was proud that I finished and was astonished by the views. I was happy to get on the bus and go.The bus pulled up at the school I was exhausted and knew I was going to sleep well tonight

School Year 2017-18

Photo By Tomas Tyner, UCC.

Congratulations to both Mr. Dodd’s & Ms. Murray’s 6th Classes St. Brigid’s NS. They won 1st PRIZE for primary schools in an ALL-ISLAND SCHOOLS HISTORY COMPETITION for primary and secondary school. This was in the Women’s History section. The ‘Decade of Centenaries’ competition is sponsored by the Department of Education, Mercier Press & UCC’s School of History ,and supported by the ‘History Ireland’ magazine.

The School of History University College Cork hosted their – The Decade of Centeraries’ History Competition for Primary and Post- Primary Schools Prize Giving Ceremony in the Aula Maxima on Monday May 21st. Photographed was Professor David Ryan Head of School of History presenting an award to students from 6th Class, St. Brigid’s National School, Greystones, Co. Wicklow for their submission: “Women of the Revolution: Muriel and Grace Gifford. Kitty Kiernan and Sinéad de Valera”. Photo By Tomas Tyner, UCC.

Parent, Conall Finn gave a presentation on “Bridge Building” to the two 6th classes on Wednesday 14th March to celebrate Engineers Week. The children worked in small groups constructing bridges using different materials. They had lots of fun on the day and some expressed an interest in pursuing a career in engineering in the future.

Well done to the sixth class pupils that participated in the La Touche Legacy’s Annual Festival of History at the end of September 2017.

Mr. Dodd’s class performed a drama on three women who lived through the War of Independence and who had connections with Greystones: Grace Gifford, Kitty Kiernan and Sinéad De Valera. You can get a taste of their wonderful performance HERE

Ms. Murray’s class did excellent project work on these women. You can learn more about these three brave women HERE

School Year 2016-17

Here is a slideshow of Mr.Dodd’s 6th class play.
King Lear – by 6th Class, Room 9

Ms Ní Chárthaigh’s 5th Class did some fascinating science experiments with the help of Áine’s mum and some of her students. Thank you to our visitors for a truly educational experience. Daniel M. and Andrew H. wrote about it.


On the 16th of June Celine Marmion and her team came to St. Brigid’s N.S 5th class. To start off, they talked to us about matter and dry ice. Then every pair of students got a glove and a balloon. We inserted dry ice into that which changed from a solid form to a gas which inflated the balloon and glove. We then put them to the side and let them enlarge.

The second experiment was about solid dry ice turning into gas in when it met fairy liquid and water. The result was the dry ice turning into gas which created bubbles that overflowed the tube.

The third experiment was about making our own lava lamps, we started by getting a small tube and filling it with oil, water, citric acid, bicarbonate soda and coloured dye. We let it rest until the oil and water separated making oil bubbles rise and then descend making the lava lamp effect.

At the end we looked at how big the gloves and balloons were from the CO2 (dry ice)

Click on THIS LINK to see what happened when Ms Ní Chárthaigh’s 5th Class decorated polystyrene cups and these cups were dropped down to the bottom of the ocean. What do you think would happen? Click on the link and see!

Colourful and creative Easter bonnets from 5th Class

We always knew there were ‘bright sparks’ in Ms Ní Chárthaigh’s 5th Class, Room 12. Here is the proof! An Animoto slideshow

and some photos on Photopeach also

Beautiful Trees from Ms. Heneghan’s 6th Class

Pictures inspired by Van Gogh – Mrs. Caffrey’s 5th Class, Room 11

Grecian Vases in 2D and 3D from 5th Class

History: Continuity and Change from Ms Ní Chárthaigh’s 5th Class, Room 12

Nativity Scenes in Silhouette from Mr.Dodd’s 6th Class, Room 9

Natural Collages from Ms Ní Chárthaigh’s 5th Class, Room 12

‘To the Point’ – Designs from Ms.Heneghan’s 6th Class R10

‘An Emigrant’s Suitcase’ by Ms Ní Chárthaigh’s 5th Class, Room 12

Self Portraits from 6th Class Room 9

Space Projects from Mrs.Caffrey’s 5th Class

‘Autumn Leaf Prints’ from Ms Ní Chárthaigh’s 5th Class, Room 12

School Year 2015-16

Riverdance and the Three Stages of a River

An innovative arts lesson from Mr. Dodd; the integration of music and art.

Riverdance Art

The Tragedy of Hamlet – from Mr. Dodd’s 6th Class Room 9


Mrs. Caffrey’s 6th Class – Pencil Portraits

Christmas is here!!

The boys and girls in Ms. Dunne’s 1st class and Ms. Walle’s 5th class have been very busy this week. They really enjoyed making their gingerbread houses. Take a look at their houses here.

Top Lobby Art

Click HERE to see the Mr. Dodd’s 6th class blog. It is a

window on all the work Room 9 do.

Mr. Dodd and Ms. Caffrey’s 6th classes went to Glendalough on Friday 10th October. They had fabulous weather for their walk. Here is a slideshow of photos from the day.

Animoto – Our Trip to Glendalough

Some of the boys and girls from 5th and 6th class go to art classes with Ms. Dunne. They have produced some excellent pieces of work so far. Here are a few fabulous hairstyles that they created using buttons. Keep an eye out for some more of their artwork soon.