Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

3rd & 4th Class

School Year 2020-21


3rd Class

4th Class


3rd Class

4th Class

School Year 2019-20

Congratulations Conor from Ms.Corcoran’s Room 20 who had a letter published in the ‘Irish Times’ this week. Well done Conor. You are making great use of your time. Click on ‘Read More’ below to see Conor’s letter:

It was Pancake Tuesday today and this was celebrated in many classrooms in St.Brigid’s. Click on ‘Read more’ below to see a slideshow of the fun Ms. Gahan’s 3rd class had when they made pancakes. Making pancakes with twenty five students ! Ms. Gahan and Sharleen make it look so easy. Well done to everyone.

School Year 2018-19

The school kitchen is a new addition since September 2018.

As you can see we are making great use of it !

Click HERE to see Pop Art

from Ms. Heneghan’s 4th Class, Room 14.


Well done to Caoimhe from 4th class, who this afternoon, donated 11-12 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

The trust provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children across Ireland and the UK who need them following cancer treatment.

The 931 euro  Caoimhe raised was donated to the The Gavin Glynn Foundation

On  Sunday 11th November, 2018 we remembered Armistice Day. That was the day, one hundred years ago when World War 1 ended. On Monday, one of our students, brought some very interesting artifacts into school.

They were medals belonging to his great uncle John Curran who belonged to the 18th Royal Irish Regiment between 1904 and 1919. He fought in France during World War 1.

He also brought in a photo of John Curran and his wife. This student is rightly proud of his brave great uncle. Thank you to him for bringing these wonderful artifacts into school for us to see.

Halloween Art from 3rd and 4th Class


Maths Week

The Marshmallow Challenge in Ms. Heneghan’s 4th Class

Well done to Room 14 for great teamwork.

Pirate Ships from Ms. Heneghan’s 4th Class Room 14

Bird Art Collage from Ms. Dunne’s 3rd Class Room 20

School Year 2017-18

Deirdre from FLAVOUR SCHOOL IRELAND (and The Cool Food School) is coming in to 4th class at the moment to teach them about healthy food choices. Deirdre is working with Ms. Smith and her class and she is teaching the ‘Sapere’ method. ‘Sapere’ is a sensory food education programme and the children are learning about food through their senses. You can find out more HERE The children are experimenting with new foods and learning all about them. They are discussing language to describe these foods and they will get to taste some delicious, healthy food as well. Deirdre will work with this class for 10 weeks and would welcome any feedback from the students and parents involved as she is hoping to get funding soon so she can reach more children and encourage healthy attitudes towards food. Here is a picture of some of the food (and notebooks to record their work) that Deirdre brought in for her first class in Room 19.

Here is Pola’s self portrait. It really DOES look like her! Though she is even lovelier in real life!!

Abi from 3rd class did a very useful piece of work recording what is in the Lost Property basket. Do you recognise anything you own?

LOST PROPERTY is stored on the bottom lobby of the main building. If you recognise any of these six jackets, hats and gloves, school sweatshirts (ages 4-5, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10-11) or a cardigan (size 7-8) pictured on the SLIDESHOW below, please call into the school office and they will be returned to you. There is also a senior school tie, an elasticated junior school tie and a variety of hand bands and lunch boxes and bottles in LOST PROPERTY at the moment. Take a look at the slide show that Abi from Room 14 made to see.

Painted Portraits from Ms. Donnelly’s 4th Class, Room 14

Black and white pictures from Ms. Donnelly’s 4th Class, Room 17.

Art with ‘found objects’ from 3rd Class, Room 14
I’ve got a name – Art with ‘found objects’ on PhotoPeach

Name Aliens from 3rd Class, Room 14

The Parents’ Association’s IT Committee worked with 3rd Class Room 14 during the months of February and March 2018. There were four intensive, hour long sessions which ran over just two weeks. The children were introduced to Word and Powerpoint during this time.

The children really put a value on this learning. Being motivated digital natives, they learn a great deal in this time. Over the next few weeks this opportunity will be offered to other middle and senior classes, as time allows.

We would like to thank Aisling, Amanda, Barbara, the two Janets and Roz for giving up their time to help us learn.

Self Portraits from 3rd Class, Room 14

Mrs.Finnerty’s 4th Class made colourful Nutcrackers

Ms.Donnelly’s Class painted the windows. The trick is to add washing up liquid to the paint.

You can see the work that Ms. Beausang’s 3rd Class Room 14 are doing HERE on the class blog.

We made terracotta plaques featuring Irish Mammals or our family pets

We printed Christmas Trees using a fork!

Here are Ms. Smith’s 4th Class testing the reactions between acids and bases during Science Week.

Halloween 2017 – 3rd Classes – Rooms 14 & 15

School Year 2016-17

An Art Gallery from Ms Donnelly’s 4th Class

Ms Hughes and Ms Donnelly’s classes performed Mary Poppins this week. They invited some classes down to watch the show. All of the audiences loved it and they were amazed at the dancing, singing and acting they saw. There is a lot of talent in 4th class this year. The parents were invited on Tuesday and Thursday night and they loved it too. Well done to all the boys and girls involved. You looked like you were having a great time performing it. Here are a few photos from one of their rehearsals.

Fabulous paint and collage long ships from Ms. Woodcock’s 3rd Class, Room 14.
Well done to all the artists.

Some stories from Ms.Hughes’ 4th Class, Room 16 based on a short movie called ‘Alma’ from The Literacy Shed. The students used a strategy known by the mnemonic DADWAVERS from The Literacy Shed website for the first half of the story and they wrote freely for the second.

Abbie’s Alma

Cathal M’s Alma

Zofia’s Alma

Jack’s Alma

Max’s Alma

Ava’s Alma

Hannah O’S’s Alma

Cathal’s Alma

Caoimhe’s Alma

Adam’s Alma

‘Silver Birch’ from 4th Classes, Room 16 and R17 – Ms.Donnelly’s and Ms.Hughes’

‘Aboriginal Art’ from 4th Classes, Room 16 and R17 – Ms.Donnelly’s and Ms.Hughes’

Well done to Conor H from R19, Jack F from R16, Leon O’B and Sean M from R14 who have entries in the Greystones Guide There are LOTS of wonderful entries to see.

Click on these links to see the powerpoint posters created by the talented poets in Ms.Hughes’ 4th class, Room 16. They wrote poems modelled on Kit Wright’s poem ‘The Magic Box’.

Here is an excerpt from Abigail and Ellen’s work:

I will put in the box…

The flutter from a fearless butterfly from a speck of fire,

The whisper of a riddle full of secrets,

The shimmer from an enchanted waterfall flowing backwards.

I will put in the box…

The glimpse of endless secrets whispering with worry,

A moment of love and fear mixed together,

The call of eternal life.

Click on the links to read more:

Calvin and Iwo’s poem

Adam and Sean L

Hannah and Marie’s

Ella, Sadhbh and Faye

Abigail and Ellen’s poem

Paul, Ellie’s and Cathal’s

Shannon, Erin’s and Amy’s

Cathal and Colin’s poem

Caoimhe and Ruby’s poem

Ms. Woodcock’s 3rd class went to Greystones Nursing Home on Wednesday 21st December. They sang Christmas Carols for the residents. Ms. Woodcock said that the singing was beautiful and the children were amazing. She is so proud of them. Well done Ms. Woodcock’s class.

Christmas Decorations from Ms. Curley’s 3rd Class, Room 19

Seasonal Pictures from Ms.Hughes and Ms.Donnelly’s 4th Classes, Rooms 16 and 17

Winter Landscapes in Chalk Pastels from Ms. Woodcock’s 3rd Class, Room 14

Cubist and Creative Christmas Trees, from Ms.Hughes’ 4th Class, Room 16

Skyscrapers inspired by the art of James Rizzi, from Ms. Curley’s 3rd Class, Room 19

Christmas Trees from Ms.Curley’s 3rd Class, Room 19

A Pyramid of Pyramids from Ms.Donnelly’s 4th Class, Room 17
Something delicious in a cup to warm you up! from Ms.Hughes’ 4th Class Room 16

Through the Keyhole: Counties of Ireland by Ms.Donnelly’s 4th Class

Wicklow through the Keyhole by Ms.Hughes’ 4th Class

The Mona Lisa goes travelling from Ms.Donnelly’s 4th Class, Room 17

Wilted Sunflowers – Ms.Hughes’ 4th Class, Room 16

Polar Animals in Chalk – Ms.Donnelly’s 4th Class, Room 17

‘Somebody is watching you’ – Chalk Masterpieces from Ms.Woodcock’s 3rd Class, Room 14

Halloween Themed Picasso Portraits from Ms.Curley’s 3rd Class, Room 19

    ‘Sugar Skulls’- a Mexican Tradition from Ms.Woodcock’s and Ms.Walshe’s 3rd Class, Rooms 14&15

    ‘Up, Up And Away in Beautiful Balloons’ from Ms.Woodcock’s and Ms.Walshe’s 3rd Class, Rooms 14&15

    • ‘I Can See You!’ from Ms.Hughes’ 4th Class, Room 16

    • ‘Lines and Angles in the School’ A slideshow from 3rd Class, R19

    • ‘Treasure Maps’ from Ms.Donnelly’s 4th R17

    • Inspired by Klimt’s ‘Tree of Life’ Ms. Hughes’ 4th R16

    • Owls & Squirrels from 4th Classes, Room 16 & 17

Bubbles from Ms. Walshe’s 3rd Class, Room 15

Autumn Leaf Prints from Ms.Hughes’ 4th Class, Room 16

Oil Pastel Bouquets inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ from Ms.Donnelly’s 4th Class, Room 17

Collages inspired by Matisse from Ms. Curley’s 3rd Class

Picasso Portraits from 4th

School Year 2015-16
‘Animal Eyes’: paintings from Ms.Hughes’ 4th Class

Congratulations once more to Jack Finnegan and Edie Tritchler who attended the Texaco Art Competition prizegiving on 26th May in the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham.

Their pictures looked super. Can you spot them?


Texaco Art Competition
Edie Tritschler from Ms. Woodcock’s 4th Class was awarded a Special Merit Award in Category D of the 62nd Texaco Children’s Art Competition. This is one of the most prestigious Art Competitions in the country and is a huge achievement!! Massive congratulations to Edie!!


Just when we thought the news couldn’t get any better we heard that Jack Finnegan from Ms. Walshe’s 3rd class also won a Special Merit Award in the same category for this awesome collage:


Click on the following link to see the pictures in their category from the website of the fabulous

Texaco Art Competition

‘Parrots in Chalk Pastels’ from Ms. Hughes’ 4th Class

‘Maori Tribal Scenes using Warm Colours’ from Ms. Hughes’ 4th Class

Ms. Woodcock’s class have been very busy writing stories. Click the links to read the stories. One is written by Davey and the other is by Isobelle.


Once there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood who was walking over a bridge to a forgotten city. There was darkness. There were lots of trees, and the ruins were all crumbled to the ground.

As Red moved through the forest she started to run from the darkness. She ran through the city with the darkness upon her and she ran through the forest. Rapidly, she ran through logs and trees and branches. The darkness was approaching her but she was faster. She climbed up rocks but she slipped. She fell. Darkness left her. She got up and walked into the castle. When she walked into the castle a strange redness started to appear. The darkness was behind her and chomped her to bits.

She found herself in the wolf’s belly. The girl was frightened half to death. She started to scream. She muttered to herself ‘how do I get out of here?’ She found a sword and she cut a hole through the wolf’s side and she got away. She will never ever forget that terrifying day!

by Davey Cosgrave


Walking through the big open woods, Meg heard birds flapping their long wings up in the clear blue sky, chirping as sweetly as they could. Crossing over the large bridge, Meg heard water gushing down the stream. Meg saw the old broken village and crept into the ruins and fell asleep.

The next morning she woke from a terrible dream. Her heart was beating rapidly. Wiping the dust off her legs and arms, she attached her bag to her belt. Black wolves with red beaming eyes scaled up and across the trees to try to catch Meg. Panicked, Meg ran on top of the scattered branches across the forest. Bang. Meg tripped and fell on a pile of rocks. Her heart was beating even faster when she got up and started to climb up the rocks. She saw a castle. Meg crawled up the stairs and went through the open door.

Where was she? What was happening? The darkness was all around her. Would she ever escape???

by Isobelle O’Brien

Here is the evocative artwork Ms.Woodcock’s class did based on the story of Little Red and her Riding Hood (Le Chaperon Rouge)

‘Explorer Ships’ from Ms. Hughes’ 4th Class

Super creative writing from Ms. Hughes’ 4th Class.

As the sun rose, all you could see for miles was a beautiful scene of flowers, berries and trees. Alongside this was a dull gray mountain. Sitting on top was a mossy rock who was starting to emerge from his ball.

“I wonder who she is?” thought Rock to himself as he spotted a girl. In the woods, he heard an unfamiliar sound. Suddenly, a piece of the mountain crumbled away and Rock fell. Creeping swiftly towards Paper was Scissors. With seconds to spare, Rock tried to persuade Paper to run. Worried, they wondered would he ever slow down?

As quick as lightning, Scissors followed. Oh no, a dead end! Scared, Rock and Paper turned around to face Scissors. Looking at Scissors angrily, Paper darted at him but he slit her wing. Sad, Rock dashed over to Paper but before he could get there Scissors challenged him. Growing more fierce, Rock slowly straightened out to become taller.

Battling till dawn, Rock finally won. Shards of glass and metal lay everywhere. Slowly, Rock looked up and ran over to Paper. Wondering what to do, he picked her up. Although it hurt, he still continued to carry her home. When the sun was at its brightest, it healed Paper.

An awful feeling spread across her mind as she looked down only to find her friend’s body in bits on the ground. Seeing his smiling face there on the floor made her feel happier than she’d ever been before.

By Aoibhe Hickey 4th Class Ms Hughes 2016.


In a forest clearing there were flowers and a mountain with piles of rocks on it. Falling down from a giant rock were some smaller rocks –  a head appeared. What was this mysterious creature? Looking down the mountain, Rock saw an amazing girl “she is so amazingly beautiful” thought Rock. Beside the mountain was a shiny sharp figure coming closer. Curiously crawling, forwards Rock fell. Walking slowly towards Rock and Paper was the mysterious figure, Scissors. Two minutes later, Rock began to beg Paper to come. Would she ever follow him? As quick as lightning, Scissors was right behind them. Rock and Paper reached a clearing….. it was a dead end!!!

 Scared, Paper stepped back. Bravely, Scissors kept walking forward. All of a sudden he stepped on a flower. Just then Paper got really mad and went straight for Scissors. * SLICE* Scissors cut off Paper’s wing. More angry than ever, Rock ran to Scissors. Suddenly Scissors tried to use his sharp arms. Quickly, Rock turned around and * SMASH* Scissors was dead.

Looking up, Rock saw Paper. “Oh no” thought Rock sadly. Running towards Paper was Rock. Paper’s armour began to break she was dying. As slow as a snail, Rock picked her up. Crumbling, Rock kept moving forward with Paper. Lying on a hill of grass, he placed Paper down. Suddenly she woke up!!!! Confused, Paper looked around and saw many rocks on the ground. She came to one special rock which was Rock’s head. He had spared his life for hers.

By Sarah Balfe   4th Class Ms Hughes 2016.

Paintings inspired by ‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai from Ms. Hughes’ 4th Class, Room 16

‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai from Ms. Hughes’ 4th Class, Room 16

More creative writing from Ms.Hughes’ Fourth Class:


In a land of mysterious, magical creatures all made of paper was a cold destroyed trunk of a tree, circled in mist. Sleeping on top of the trunk was a rock. Suddenly, he heard a noise. “After all I’ve seen this is the most beautiful” quietly whispered Rock. Beside the tree, there was a figure with blades as arms and swords for feet. Suddenly, the old trunk started crumbling into tiny little pieces. Tumbling down on top of the paper were the trees that Scissors was cutting. After a few seconds Rock put his hand out to Paper. Would they escape from Scissors? Running like lightning, they reached a clearing. Suddenly, Scissors approached!

Beside the fallen trees, was Rock, Paper & Scissors. Slowly, Scissors was moving closer and closer. Suddenly, Paper swooped up right beside Scissors. “No, don’t go!” thought Rock. All of sudden, Paper’s strips were falling down off her. Quickly, Rock ran over to Paper but Scissors stopped him. They started fighting. Rock came crashing down on top of Scissors and he was destroyed.

In the middle of the trees stood Rock. Beside him, was Paper lying on the ground. “I need to help her.” thought Rock. Quickly, Rock ran over to Paper. Rock touched Paper but his hands started to break into pieces. A few moments later, a light shone on Paper. She saw that she was all alone.

Ella Fitzsimons, 4th Class Ms Hughes 2016


In a quiet forest with beautiful flowers, animals and exotic plants was a lone rock on a rocky mountain. Silence came upon the forest as Rock began to unfold and come to life! “What is that beautiful noise” wondered Rock to himself. Rock saw Paper while a blade creature approached. Rock foolishly fell in front of Paper.  Quickly, Rock got up hearing the blade and ran towards Paper. In three seconds flat Rock reached Paper showing her to follow him. Hearing Scissors, Paper followed Rock. But… would they make it?! Scissors followed as swift as a swallow. Rock and Paper got away but… Scissors found them!

Scissors arrived in the clearing to find Rock and Paper. A dangerously bladed creature, he went towards them slicing everything in his way. Quickly, the fragile girl bubbled with fury and swooped towards him to attack! Poor Paper got cut by a blade and fell to the ground, injured. As Rock, the stone creature, was furious yet worried, he ran to Paper’s aid. Hard as bricks Rock tried to punch Scissors but Scissors ducked. But then Rock socked him in the nose. Slicing, Scissors slid past Rock, Suddenly Rock crushed Scissors.

Quickly, Rock looked up to see Paper injured on the ground. Running towards her, he was devastated and tried to lift her up but got hurt. Yet still, he carried her to safety. As he carried her he realised he would not be there to see his love wake up. As Paper woke she found herself safe but… Rock had passed away while taking her to safety. Because “paper covers rock”.

By Martha Doyle   4th Class Ms Hughes 2016


In a forest with colourful paper flowers spread all across the land was a tall majestic mountain. On the top was a man made of rock. Stretching out, he leant over the mountain edge. “I think I love her” Rock thought to himself when he saw the most beautiful paper fairy. On the far side of the forest Rock noticed a figure with blades as arms and murder in his eyes.  Scissors! Suddenly, the edge of the mountain crumbled and he tumbled down. Hearing a slicing noise, Rock knew the figure was close. Frantically, he tried to tell the fairy and bring her to safety as soon as possible but his hand crumbled when he touched her. The paper fairy finally agreed and they ran as fast as they could. Would they make it? As fast as lightning Scissors caught up. They heard a slice in the trees and he paced towards them!

Looking for which one to go for first he noticed that the fairy was made out of paper. Trying to be brave and save her land the fairy attacked him, but with one swipe Scissors cut her. In shock, Rock ran towards her but Scissors lashed him on the back! Filled with rage Rock punched as hard as he could and Scissors fell to the ground. Gathering up all the strength he had left, Rock jumped up and crushed him.

In the middle of shattered metal, from the remains of Scissors, was the fairy. As Rock looked up, he saw her. Struggling, he picked her up and carried her all the way home with parts falling off him with every step. As the sunlight shone on her she awoke. And there she sat, alone…

Ciara Forde 4th Class Ms Hughes 2016

Art inspired by ‘Le Chaperon Rouge’ from Ms. Hughes’ 4th Class, Room 16

Here is some written work from Ms. Hughes’ class

inspired by the artwork.

We think you will agree that it is very well written.


Crickets were chirping continuously. Vicious wolves were howling furiously. Bendy trees were all around the forest. Stealthy foxes were rustling gently in the leaves. A spooky owl was hooting in the majestic trees. Strong wind was blowing heavily up above. Swaying grass was flowing in the night breeze. Heavy rain was pounding off the hard ground.

Strolling carefully in between the cold looking trees, a peculiar hooded figure saw light in the distance. Curiously, the figure kept walking onwards. The spooky woods made her stop, the trees were dark and the path looked narrower than it had been before. What was happening-were the trees closing in? She started running quickly. Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes! What was this? It was just a small mouse. Out of the woods she found a little deserted village… As she searched the village it turned dark and she settled down to sleep.

Shadow serpents were popping out of everything. Destroying the village, they started exploding it. At dawn, the sky was turning green. Shadow serpents` red eyes where coming out of everywhere. All of a sudden she woke up.

Suddenly she started walking backwards because she’d heard a sound, a terrifying sound. A shadow was hovering over her.

It started chasing her and one came out of every tree she passed. After hopping over rocks, jumping across lakes and running, she reached a hill and slid down. At the bottom of the hill was a cave. As she went in to hide, the way out turned into the mouth of a shadow serpent. It ate her alive…

By Andrew Hayes 4th Class Ms Hughes 2016


Towering over the abandoned village was a spooky forest. A crackle of noisy crickets were chirping from the hedgerow. Up in the sky a thunderous storm was raging overhead. In the shadows of the trees the murky swamp was petrifying. An owl was hooting in the biggest darkest tree. Twigs were breaking within the shadows. Wolves were howling on the mountains ahead. An abandoned mineshaft was home to a giant swarm of bats. Down in the cave an animal was sleeping. A sneaky fox was scavenging within the rabbit burrows.

Towering over the abandoned village was a spooky forest. A crackle of noisy crickets were chirping from the hedgerow. Up in the sky a thunderous storm was raging overhead. In the shadows of the trees the murky swamp was petrifying. An owl was hooting in the biggest darkest tree. Twigs were breaking within the shadows. Wolves were howling on the mountains ahead. An abandoned mineshaft was home to a giant swarm of bats. Down in the cave an animal was sleeping. A sneaky fox was scavenging within the rabbit burrows.

Strolling slowly along the rocky road was the curious figure. Warily, the figure wandered farther along the misty path. The road became narrow while the sky was darkening and trees were lifeless. When would the road end? While walking aimlessly into the beautiful valley, SUDDENLY, a twig broke!!! It was a horrifying…BEAR! When she awoke, day had turned to night and she fell into a deep sleep.

The landscape around the village began to shapeshift. Horrible shadowy serpents formed from within the shadows. The serpents had vibrant red eyes. The terrible beasts rounded the outskirts of the ruined village. Entering the ruin, the beasts saw light from within a house. Cautiously, the beasts approached. Suddenly the light went out. Opening their mouths, they spread their fangs. Rapidly, the figure awoke, startled by this mysterious dream. Quickly the figure gathered her things and adventured forward.

While the girl was walking, a large shadow appeared. The figure ran. Soon there were hundreds of the horrifying serpents. Horrified, she sprinted out of the village, past the valley aimlessly jumping over numerous caverns and climbing up old oak trees. Each jump felt like years as if in slow motion. Suddenly she reached a cliff. Slowly but cautiously she started climbing. Rapidly, the beasts were closing the gap. Once she reached the top she saw a beautifully structured kingdom glimmering in the beating heat. Still not free she clambered towards the castle. All of a sudden she was grabbed, and flung over the edge. Her life flashed before her eyes.
There she lay, lifeless…

Daniel Mooney, 4th Class Ms Hughes 2016


The sound of the wolves screeching, howling and frantically hunting was bewitching. Owls were hooting carelessly, rain was pounding heavily, crows were screaming at the top of their lungs. Wind was billowing thundering and aggressively towards the lashing rain. Graceful deer were helplessly weeping in their secret home behind the glistening waterfall.

Strolling through the forest was Red, with her hair as black as soot. Confidently, she stepped closer to the intriguing light. Lonely, tall, majestic trees were slowly swaying to the rhythm of her footsteps. But what will this endless trail lead to? She started carelessly sprinting through the mossy fields. Suddenly, a terrifying beast leaped from beneath the bushes! Red was paralysed. She galloped away but wasn’t fast enough. Eventually, she got to an abandoned village but she hit her head and fell into a deep, deep sleep…..

Suddenly everything turned red….. blood red. The ground started to shake and tremble. Eel creatures were emerging from a black oak, slithering, racing and pounding towards the village. The violent eels were catching up on Red. The wind was howling, the sky was falling, wolves were screeching, and, and …… Red woke up!

Getting her breath back after a few, long, deep breaths, the red figure picked up her brown, leather satchel. A faint shadow appeared on the gravel, a shadow she knew so well. Eels were chasing the explorer. Closer and closer, the eels were swiftly approaching. Desperately jumping, leaping, the terrified girl struggled to keep upright. She could see the ever increasing light. Suddenly the eels vanished. Clambering to the top of a pile of rocks, the curious figure found a beautiful castle. Climbing up the stairs, this dark beauty was in search of someone or something that could take away this heart break, this danger. Running to the doorway of the palace was the lost girl. All of a sudden the eels had won their battle – a death trap of a hungry mouth was the doorway…

By Hannah Boden  4th Class Ms Hughes 2016


Flower Power from 4th Class – Room 17

Lovely Autumn Art from 4th Class – Room 17

Awesome Autumn Art from 4th Class – Room 16

More Autumn Awesomeness from 4th Class – Room 16

We LOVE Science!

Áine and Aisling Marmion’s Mum, Celine, came into 3rd and 6th class on Tuesday 9th of June. We did two experiments. One of them was where we got 10ml of sodium hydroxide and we got a weighing boat and put 1gm of glucose on it. We mixed these together. Then we added one drop of methylene  blue and it changed to green. When we shook it, it kept changing colour. We had to work in pairs. We were trying to get the mixture to change colour, like a boy dragonfly changes colour to attract a girl dragonfly.

The second experiment was when we got a bit of frozen carbon dioxide that was -80 degrees. We put it in a glove and tied it up. It grew about 20 times the size of the glove. Then it exploded! We made three of them and they exploded about an hour later. We thought it was funny but Ms. Teehan thought it was a bit scary!

Both of the experiments that we did were very exciting and fun. At the end Celine gave us a treat each and we were very happy because they were yummy.

(Written by Áine and Megan from Room 14)

Art Attacks!

Room 14 – Sign Language

On the 27th of May Ms. Teehan’s sister-in-law, Cathy, came in to our class. Cathy is deaf and she has a cochlear implant. She told us that her dog is deaf too and Jack and Oisín suggested that maybe the dog should get the cochlear implant too.

For the last few weeks we have been learning sign language. We know the alphabet and how to sign our names. We find it easy enough to sign the alphabet but we found it difficult to understand Cathy when she was signing. She was very fast! Cathy taught us how to sign a few new words. For example: friend, whatever, Mum and Dad. We know now that the sign language in America, Ireland and England is different. We really enjoyed having Cathy to visit and learning some more sign language.

This is a short piece written by Ciara and Emma (3rd class, Room 14).


Today our Dads, Paul and Jason came in to our class. They taught us how to do Scratch.


We had loads of fun coding games. We made our own Pacman game. It was great!

10th February 2015:
Today, in Room 14, we had a Skype call with two nanoscientists. We could see them on our interactive whiteboard and they could see us waving at them too. They work in the Amber Centre in Trinity, Dublin. We spoke to them for about 20 minutes. Their names were Megan and Éilis. They introduced themselves first and then we asked them some questions. Eight boys and girls from the class went up to the webcam and asked them questions. For example:
• Can you eat graphene?
• Is there anything boring about your job?
• How long have you been working for?
• How did you become a nanoscientist?
Then they showed us an electron microscope. This microscope zooms in on small images. For example, we saw a butterfly wing and a spider. Some people did not like seeing the spider ‘close up’!
We really enjoyed the Skype call and we hope to do it again with other professionals.

We have been very busy in 3rd and 4th class so far this term.