Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

1st & 2nd Class

School Year 2020-21

December 2020

1st Class

And the next slideshow shows all the lovely work in 2nd Class

‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ The students who work with Mrs. Devine made these cute snowmen in the run up to Christmas. We think they turned out really well.

Congratulations to Mr Molloy’s 2nd Class; Greystones Library were so impressed with the wonderful work from Mr. Molloy’s Second Class that the library decided to display the art work on the front windows of the library to add some festive cheer to passers-by and library users. The poems and stories have been displayed in the children’s area of the library. The library have awarded a prize to the whole class for their amazing work. Mr Molloy will collect the prize later today. We can’t wait to see what it is.

Autumn 2020

1st Class

2nd Class

School Year 2019-20

April 2020

The boys and girls in Room 8, 2nd class, have something to say. Watch it here

The Dark Blue Sea
by Stella L in Room 6
The sea is calm. Oh what can I say.
Its really beautiful and I want to stay and play.
My Mum and Dad would not let me stay
Its so peaceful to the lonely bay.
I missed the dark blue sea.
But one day I’ll go back to the sea
And she will be happy to see me.

February 2020

Lego We Do is really taking off in school. Click on ‘Read More’ below to take a look at the slide show and photos from Ms. Murray’s 2nd Class R7

January 2020

In an exciting development for ICT in St. Brigid’s NS, Greystones, advised by Ms.Staunton the school has invested some of the 2019/2020 ICT Grant to invest in ten “WeDo 2.0 Lego Kits” for the school.

Designed for primary school classrooms, the children use the kits to enhance their skills in computing and science. All classes from 2nd up will have an opportunity to use the kits over the course of the year to design their very own robots and use basic programming to make their robots move.

Ms. Staunton’s 2nd class have been the first class to use the kits. Communicating, collaborating and creativity are all part of the process as the students follow instructions, learn how to code and problem solve in an ‘hands on’ way.

With Ms.Staunton leading our learning, staff and students alike are all looking forward to learning more about WeDo 2.0 Lego and how it works.

We love learning about technology.

Hot on the heels of Ms. Staunton’s 2nd Class was Ms. Murray’s 2nd.

Lego We Do is really taking off in school. Click on ‘Read More’ below to ake a look at the slide show and photos from Ms. Murray’s 2nd Class R7


Author, Natasha Mac a’Bháird read “Reindeer Down” to 2nd Classes in the new children’s bookshop ‘Halfway Up the Stairs’ in Greystones. The children were greatly entertained.

We remember our friend Lucy on this day

8th January 2020 Lucy’s 1st Anniversary

‘We remember you in our classroom

and at our Morning Prayer,

At Little Break out in the yard

as the wind blows through our hair.

We think about you often

as Winter turns to Spring

And tiny buds burst from the soil

and songbirds start to sing.

When Springtime turns to Summer

and to the beach we go

We recall the happy times we shared

Gummy smiles and summer glows.

At Summer’s end we think about 

all the fun we shared

And we hope that you remember

That we really cared.’


Ms. Coffey’s class are coding using Bee Bots

School Year 2018-19

Planting Vegetables

Click HERE to see a slideshow about planting vegetables in Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd class

Class Mascots

Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class have class mascots that go home with them and have adventures. You can meet them and see their adventures in the three slideshows below:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Superheroes in Ms. Coffey’s 1st class

Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class have been learning about Killer Whales.

Click HERE to see a slideshow of their artwork and HERE to see some more.

More lovely artwork from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class can be seen below:
Winter Penguins

Part 1

Part 2


Part 1

Part 2

Chinese Dragons

Part 1

Part 2

‘What’s cooking in the kitchen?’

Our principal Mrs. Costello introduced a new staffroom and kitchen to the school over the summer. Now students have the opportunity to do some cooking. We are getting more and more adventurous with what we make as time goes by. Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 19 made pizzas. They REALLY did. The photographic evidence is here. The actual evidence was eaten immediately and was delicious. The pizza making was our way of saying goodbye to James who is going to a new school. We know how much he LOVES pizza.

Click HERE to see the slideshow.

Chocolate Apples at Halloween
Both 2nd classes and their teachers cooked up chocolate apples in the run up to Halloween.
They turned out great and were a big hit. Here is a picture of Ms. Horan’s class in the new school kitchen.

Fantastic foxes from Ms. Horan’s 2nd class, Room 5

Click HERE to see Skeleton Art from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class and HERE to see handprint Spiders.

on THIS link to see Halloween Cats Part One, from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class and HERE to see Part Two.

Baking cup cakes from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 19

Monster Art from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 19

Autumn Trees from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 19

School Year 2017-18
Out of this World from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 6

The Planets from Ms.Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 6


Eimear Saunders from Music Generation comes in to teach music in 1st and 2nd class for an hour a week. She teaches us some clapping patterns, new songs and in 2nd class we also learn the recorder. We really enjoy it and look forward to our classes with Eimear.

School Year 2016-17

There are some photos included in this slide show of Ms.Ryan’s 1st Class, when two lambs came to visit.

‘Crazy Characters’ from Mrs.Devine’s 2nd Class, Room 20

Penguins and Snowmen from Ms.Mangan’s and Ms.Ryan’s First Classes, Rooms 7&8

Catching Snowflakes – Collages from Mrs.O’Donnell’s 2nd Class, Room 6

Our Version of Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ by Ms.O’Neill’s 2nd Class, Room 6

‘Fantastic Foxes’ from Ms. Devine’s 2nd Class, Room 20

Ms. O’Neill’s 2nd Class, Room 6 ‘Owls’

Ms. O’Neill’s 2nd Class, Room 6 ‘Cad is ainm duit?’

Ms. O’Neill’s 2nd Class, Room 6 ‘Autumn Leaves and Trees’

Self Portraits from Ms.Ryan’s 1st Class

Self Portraits from Ms.Mangan’s 1st Class


School Year 2015-16
Students from Ms. O’Neill’s 2nd Class enjoyed the short film ‘Caine’s Arcade’
and were inspired to make things out of cardboard boxes just like Caine did.

Ms. Devine’s 2nd Class did a wonderful project on Wicklow. They are emailing it to a school in Limerick in response to a postcard they sent us, as part of their 1916 celebrations. This is the link to download their impressive powerpoint presentation. Why not take a look. You might learn something about the Garden County that you didn’t know before.
Wonderful Wicklow 3

Colourful Prints from Ms. Mangan’s 1st Class, Room 7

‘Spring Art’ from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 19 

Some original and entertaining Write A Book entries from Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 19.

Bell and the Nice Witch by Ellie O Flanagan Room 19

Chapter 1:  

Bell looks like her mom but with blue eyes and blonde hair. Bell likes going on picnics. Her sister looks a lot like her when she was a baby. Her sister has green eyes and brown hair and she likes sleeping. Bell has learned to fly but her sister is still learning. Her sister loves sleeping, she might do it 1, 2 or 3 times a day.

Chapter 2:  

Bell and her mom, dad, brother and sister decided to go for a picnic. Bell and her sister rode on the 2 seater bike. Bell`s mom, dad and brother walked. They just arrived at the perfect spot. “Set the picnic” mom said nicely. “Pick some blue berries” dad said kindly. Bell walked to the blueberry bush and she saw a trap door! She opened the trap door. There, stood a witch. The witch was nice. In fact she invited Bell for tea. The witch had a sister. She was bad. Her name was the Witch Fairy. When Bell was on her way home, she stopped for a rest. But then the Witch Fairy came!

Chapter 3

Bell was fast asleep. The Witch Fairy took out her magic wand and sang a tune. A wheelbarrow appeared. The Witch Fairy gently lifted Bell up and put her in the wheelbarrow. Soon after Bell woke up. She found herself in a dark dungeon. Bell yelled “Help me!” but no one heard her. Bell burst into tears. “I want to go home!” Bell yelled. The Witch Fairy came down the creaky lift. “Go away!” shouted Bell. “I don’t like you!” Bell cried. “I won’t set you free” said the Witch ferry. “Give me my wand!” yelled Bell.

Chapter 4 

The nice witch heard Bell crying. The nice witch ran to Bell. Bell was still sad. The nice witch sneaked inside. She found Bell`s wand. “Come on” whispered the nice witch, “I have your wand.” Bell told the nice witch “thank you”. Bell flew home. She said “I love you, mom and dad”. “I love you too” they replied.

Wonder Troll by Oisin Ó Sullivan 2nd Class, Room 19

Chapter 1

One morning a little boy woke up from his sleep. He had black hair and green eyes. His name was Jake and his skin was brown. One day his dad took him on an adventure to a broken building. There were scary skeletons on the floor. There were red lights. Jake and his dad walked to the biggest, brightest light and that was the beginning of their new life. They turned into… trolls!

Chapter 2 The new life meant that Jake and his dad were trolls. Jake felt nervous and afraid because he now hated humans. One night Jake’s dad took him to a cave and there he turned into a human. Jake looked at his dad in surprise but his dad was really actually an evil wizard pretending to be his dad. He spoke in a scary voice and said “your real dad is in Hawaii” and the wizard wandered off. As he was leaving he dropped a bottle full of red oil. Jake picked it up. He took a sip and put the rest in his pocket. After a few minutes he turned into …..THE WONDER TROLL !!!!

Chapter 3
He flew to his father at the speed of sound. He arrived in Hawaii. The wizard had captured him and tied him to a chair. Jake ran to his dad. “What happened to you?” his dad asked. Jake untied his dad from the chair and gave him some of the magic potion. They both flew home and lived happily ever after, as trolls!

Sweetie Monsters by Dean Galvin, Room 19

Chapter 1 
One day it was Adam’s birthday in Zoom and he was waiting for his friend Calum. Just then Calum came. They had so much fun. Then they climbed on the walls and slides. Then Adam asked his mum and dad if the food was ready yet. “No” they replied. “Is the pizza ready yet?” Adam asked and they answered “no”.

Chapter 2 
Finally Adam’s mum put out the food. She put out crisps, sweets and chocolate. Then Adam’s mum shouted “Food’s ready!” and they all raced down to the table. Just then they ate as much as they could. Then Adam’s mum whispered into Calum’s ear “Your mum told me that you are not to eat too many sweets because your teeth are black”. Calum didn’t listen and he lost five teeth that day. When Adam’s mum and dad were gone to get the cake, all the sweets came alive and turned into Sweetie Monsters!!! Then Adam’s mum and dad came back with the cake and then the cake came alive too! It ate Calum and he landed in Sweetie land. He ate the cake up from the inside and got out.

Chapter 3  
Then Adam’s mum and dad got into the car. “What are we going to do?” asked Adam’s mum. “We are going to go home and get the chainsaw and cut the sweets up” his dad replied. Then Dean the Bean, the hero came. “No fear, Dean’s here!” he cried. Then the sweetie monsters threw carrots at him. But Dean the Bean ate them all and then he ate all the sweetie monsters.

Chapter 4 
Then Adam’s mum and dad came with the chainsaw. But they didn’t notice that when they were waiting one of the Sweetie monsters escaped and multiplied. They made more and more and then they made a Sweetie layer. When the layer was finished they found out where Dean the Bean’s layer was. They attacked Dean the Bean, and he tried to eat them all up. But Dean the Bean couldn’t keep eating them so he escaped and crept into Adam’s house and asked him to help. Adam told his mum and dad. His dad got the chainsaw and they went to attack the Sweetie monsters. The Sweetie Monsters were losing so they retreated and they shouted “We will fight another day!” and they ran away.

Chapter 5 
But the Sweetie monsters were not scared any more. So they attacked Dean the Bean and Adam again. They all ate Adam but just then, Dean the Bean pulled Adam back out and Dean the Bean threw the Sweetie monsters into the sun. He saved the day again.

‘Tissue Flower Collage’ from Mrs. Devine’s 2nd Class, Room 20 

The Unlucky Day by Ciara Ryan Room 19

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Amy. Amy had blue hair. She lived in an old house. She also had a little sister, her name was Lucy and a baby. One day their dog was outside digging a hole. The dog saw a trail so then he barked to get everybody’s attention. They all came running out. “What’s wrong?” shouted Amy. “I was digging a hole and then I saw a tiny, small, shiny wing.” said the dog. “Come on!” called Amy, “Let’s go on an adventure!”

The next morning they were asleep and the baby started to cry. Amy came running in, “What’s wrong?” The baby kept on crying. Then somebody knocked at the door. Amy ran down the stairs with the baby in her arms. She saw her friend Annie. Annie had brown hair. “Hello” said Amy. “Hi” replied Annie, “do you want to go on an adventure with us?” “Okay” replied Annie. “Do you want to come in?” asked Amy. “Alright” answered Annie.

They all got ready. Amy had to get the baby changed. When they were ready they ran down the stairs. “Are you ready?” asked Amy. “Yes” replied the girls. “When are we going?” moaned Lucy. “In a while.” replied Amy. The baby started to cry. “How much do you cry when you are at Nanny’s?” she asked. The baby kept on crying. “I don’t think a baby can talk!” laughed Annie.

“Let’s get going.” “Alright” replied Amy. Out the door they ran but the baby crawled. Once the baby got to the step she started to cry.
Off they tip-toed to the woods. When they got half way through the woods it got darker and darker. The baby started to cry again. “Oh come on!” moaned Amy and Annie.

They saw a big sign for the way to a circus. “Let’s go to the circus!” cheered the girls. “Wait, what if the baby doesn’t like the clowns?” wondered Amy. “I’m sure she will.” replied Annie. When they got inside the circus tent, there were no seats. “What are we going to do?” asked Amy. “We’ll just stand here” answered Annie. The time went by and then lots of people came in. Then loads of seats came up. “This is weird in a circus like this!” remarked Amy, “We should just go home.” “Alright” agreed Annie.

They saw a clown was walking in front of them so they ran up to him and asked “Why are you not doing the circus?” “Because they have no place for me” he cried. “Do you want to come with us?” the girls offered. “No thank you” he replied. The girls saw their house nearby and noticed black smoke and realised their house… “Oh no” cried Amy, “our house is on fire.” The baby started to cry. “Let’s ask the clown if we can stay with him!” suggested Annie.

They followed the clown down the street. The dog started to bark “Shhhh!!!” whispered Amy, “if the clown hears you he will look back.” Then the clown reached his house. They hid while the clown walked into his house. Luckily the clown didn’t see them. “Let’s go and ask if we can stay.” whispered Amy. <Knock, knock, knock!> The clown answered the door. “Hello” he said in surprise. “Would it be alright if we stayed here for a while the girls asked politely. ‘Yes,’ he replied grumpily.

They stayed with the clown for two days but he was always grumpy or cross and the baby always cried.  He was so cranky and he made the dog sleep outside. “This won’t work” sighed Annie, “I thought clowns were meant to be funny!” The girls left the clown’s house. The girl’s walked to Nanny’s house and she gave them hugs and a drink for the baby.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It was the clown! “You girls stole my money!” shouted the clown. “No, we didn’t” cried the girls, “we’re not thieves, check your wallet” insisted Amy. There was the money! The clown didn’t even say sorry. “What a grouch! We’re glad we didn’t stay with him.”

The Adventure by Tim Phelan, Room 19

Once there were two children, one was called Bill and the other was called Joey. Bill was very clever and Joey was very scared. They both loved adventuring but got into trouble a lot. They met one day in the woods. The king’s soldiers were chasing them. The king had been attacked and they thought that it was Bill and Joey.

Bill jumped in a bush and then Joey jumped in too. Then they built a hut and lived in it. They made a wooden house. “The soldiers are coming!” Bill yelled. “Let’s go hide” whined Joey. A plane landed in the woods and they hid inside. Soon the the plane took off again. The plane flew to the king’s castle. “Let’s get out” shouted Joey. Then there were people surrounding them. “Why are you here?” they shouted. They were not happy. “Let’s get back to the plane!” cried Joey. Then they ran really fast back onto the plane. Then it flew back to the forest.

When it landed, the two soldiers who were flying the plane checked the back and found Bill and Joey. The soldiers brought them into a jail. Joey and Bill noticed that there were tools lying around in the cell. So they broke out of the jail cell but they still had to get past two guards. They sneaked up and reached out to grab the guards swords.

Then they ran past the guards. “Let’s get back to the plane!” called Bill. They climbed back onto the plane and hid under the seats. They heard the plane’s engine starting and it flew off. By accident the pilot opened up the back of the plane. Bill and Joey fell out and landed in the courtyard of the king’s castle. Then the guards caught them and brought them back into jail. The guard was very weak and he was asleep. They found the tools again and they broke out and ran back home. They never went back into the woods again.

St.Brigid’s Cloak, a collaborative collage by Ms. Cuffe’s 2nd Class, Room 19


Ella Saves the Day by Casey Carey Room 19

One morning, a girl called Ella was playing in the warm sunny beach. She was ten years old. She had lovely sea shells. Her hair was long and strawberry blonde. She believed that her hair was more special than any other colour hair in the world! She lived in a normal house, it was on the beach. Her bedroom was very big, and she had lots and lots of shells in it. Her parents were very mean and treated her like she had never been born.

One day she sneaked to the beach. She was building a huge sand castle when suddenly a mermaid appeared. “Who are you?” asked Ella. “I am a mermaid” laughed the mermaid. “Why have you come?” Ella inquired. “You see, I need some help” the mermaid replied. “With what?” asked Ella. “There are more mermaids like me underwater,” explained the mermaid, “but an Underwater Witch wants to take over us.” “Why do you want me?” cried Ella in surprise, “I’m no good. Anyway, I can’t breathe underwater, I’m a human. You wouldn’t want me.” “You know your shell necklace?” replied the mermaid. “Yes, but how do you know about that?” Ella gasped. “We watch you and hear you every time you sing,” replied the mermaid, “your voice is very beautiful.” “Thanks” said Ella, pleased. No one had ever said that to her before. “Anyway, can you get your necklace?” insisted the mermaid. “Why?” asked Ella. “You’ll see!” the mermaid replied. So Ella ran in and got her necklace and jogged back. “What is your name?” Ella asked the mermaid. “Belinda” she answered.

Belinda told Ella that her necklace would help her breathe underwater; “Come on, put the necklace on and say ‘I want to be a mermaid”. Ella shouted out the words ‘I want to be a mermaid’ and it worked. She was so pretty, with shells all around her and even a fan on her hair. She was beautiful. So they dived into the sea. It was beautiful with crabs and jellyfish and the sharks were actually good. There were mermaids and mermen everywhere. There were shops for new tails, there was a hospital for broken fins and broken arms or necks. There was also just a shop for food. There was even a shop called Pennys!

They went in and there was another shop in Pennys called “EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!!!!” There was loud music everywhere. Ella covered her ears and shouted “TURN THIS OFF!!!” Soon there was silence. Everybody was astonished. “Why do you play such loud music?” Ella exclaimed. “Queen Melinda commands us to do whatever she wants us to do” shouted one mermaid. “She said we won’t rest until it’s done!” shouted a nerd! “Well is she good?” asked Ella. “Not at all!” shouted another and at the same time knitting. “Why are you knitting?” asked Ella in surprise. “Well, Queen Melinda again! Every work we do is all because of Queen Melinda.” “Was it always like this?” asked Ella. “No” explained a very old merman, “you see Queen Melinda didn’t always rule Mermaid Village. I’ll tell you my secret…” “What is it?” asked Ella in surprise. “Well this is my very own secret… I used to be King.” Ella looked around, everyone was doing nothing but staring. Well, one mermaid was still knitting and staring at the same time.

“Wait” cried Ella, “let me get this straight, you are the old king!” “SSSH! Melinda might hear you” whispered the merman. “WHO?” shouted the queen. “Haha, it’s you, the old king! and I’ve never seen you!” the queen added. “Oh” replied Ella, “Well I was just visiting.” “Well where are you visiting from?” snapped the queen. “A different place” answered Ella, “You know, like Canada.” “Stop!” shouted the queen, “You’re coming with me!” “Noo!” cried Belinda, “Take me instead!” “Ok come on then, come on, in the cage!” screamed the queen, “actually, both of you come on! I don’t have all day and night!”

So they went in. “This is bad” whispered Belinda. “Why?” asked Ella. “Well I’ve been here before,” Belinda replied, “we have to stay in a cage and get locked in there for three days.” “Do you get any food or water?” whispered Ella. “No, nothing. All you do is sleep and just sit there in the dungeon.” “Oh, I hope we find a way out of it” whispered Ella, “at least my parents won’t be worried.” “Why not?” asked Belinda. “Well they don’t really act like I exist,” explained Ella. “They don’t do anything for me, like when I fall they never pick me up… or when it’s my birthday, they never put on a little party and never, ever get presents, not even a cake or anything. They just don’t care about me at all.”

Soon they got to Melinda’s castle. It was dark and it was grey. They only thing that was a colour was the red rug and Queen Melinda’s cloak. A solider pushed them into the dungeon. “Oww! You hurt me!” cried Ella, “that is very sore!” “I don’t care,” the solider replied, “get in and don’t make any noise.” He shut the gate and Ella called “I’m going to be sick!”. The solider thought to himself, “if she gets sick Queen Melinda is going to be very, very, very mad at me… I’ll get fired and I’ll have to work with all the other mermaids and mermen!” … “OK!” he called, “what’s your name?” “It’s Ella” she whispered while pretending to get sick, but she just spat out her gum that she got in Pennys and sneakily picking it up behind his back. Belinda whispered “are you actually getting sick or just pretending to get s-i-c-k to get us out?” “I’m pretending so we can get out!” Ella whispered back. It worked and the soldier let Ella out, but not Belinda. “Can Belinda come with me?” Ella asked. “N-O spells no!” the soldier answered, “she can not come!” “Why not?” asked Ella. “Well if she comes with you, you’ll try to escape” the soldier replied. All of a sudden Belinda sprayed some of her perfume on him and he started to laugh so much that he fell on the ground. “What is so funny?” asked Ella. “Nothing!” whispered Belinda. “What? Why are you whispering?” asked Ella. “So he can’t hear me” Belinda replied. “If he hears me, he will wake up. Anyway my perfume will make him laugh forever!” “Why didn’t you use it 5 hours ago?” cried Ella. “I just have to wait until we capture the crown” Belinda replied. “Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” shouted Ella.

They ran out up to the queen’s lane. They went up and sprayed some soldiers on the way. They went up and sprayed the Witch Queen, she was killed because she laughed so so much. They took the crown and swam back to the village. They showed the crown to the old king and he danced for joy! “You found it! You really found it!” he cried. Then a mermaid came up and shouted “I now pronounce you King!” and they all had a party.

After the party, Ella decided to go back home. When she came back to her house her mother hugged her saying “Ella, oh I’m sorry I’ve been so mean to you. Let’s go wherever you want to go.” “Oh mother, that would be so, so fantastic” shouted Ella, very shocked, “but first, can I please have a few minutes alone?” “Whatever you want, Sweetie” replied her mother and kissed her on the cheeks. Ella ran down to the sea. “Hi Belinda!” she called to the mermaid. “Hi!” Belinda replied, “well I guess I will never see you again.” “Well that is incorrect” said Ella excitedly, “Actually I can get you on your feet.” “CAN YOU??!!” shouted Belinda, “that would be so, so wonderful!” So Ella gave Belinda her necklace and she got feet. Belinda introduced herself to Ella’s parents and all the family went bowling. It was very, very fun.

It was almost time that Ella had to say goodbye to Belinda. When they got home they went to the sea. It was very sad. No sooner that they cried “Goodbye” to each other, loads of mermaids and mermen came out up from the water. They had flowers, bows, ribbons and even chocolate cake for Ella and Belinda! After they all ate the chocolate cake, they had some spare! So Ella explained to Belinda, “My parents used to be mean and selfish but now they have changed. I was hoping they could possibly, you know, have some cake.” “Ok, Ella” Belinda replied, “since you and I are best friends.” Ella was very pleased and thanked her. “Well Belinda, I guess you saved the day!” Ella added. “No! You actually saved the day, you’re the one who tricked the soldier. So I think you should be the one who saved the day! You know you can visit me anytime, and I can visit you! Here, I made this necklace for you. I tried it and it works. So anytime at all you can visit me. Goodbye! See you soon!” So Ella ran back to her nice parents who now loved her so very, very much. They all sat at the table and ate their chocolate cake and talked about new plans for… THE NEW BABY! “We’re having a baby brother or a baby sister!” said Ella’s mum excitedly. “Oh Mum, when is he or she coming?” replied Ella happily. “Any minute or hour or day now” answered her mum. “I can’t wait!” exclaimed Ella.

Pictures based on Munch’s ‘The Scream’ (Ms. O’Neill’s 2nd Class R6 UPDATED to include pictures from Ms. Devine’s 2nd Class)

Super Bob by Brendan Harrison, Room 19

One day a guy called Super Bob was on his holidays. He was in the pool for a swim. He has blurry eyes and a happy face. He looks like a hair dude. He likes cheese balls and he loves super cheese. He was with his body guard, Super Cow.

He heard someone shouting “Help!” Then Super Cow ran over to him. Super Bob jumped on Super Cow’s back. “Fly!” shouted Super Bob. Off they flew over to the person who needed help. The person who needed help was on the top of a building. He was attacked by Evil Man.

Super Cow flew over to the top of the building then Super Bob jumped off his back and saved the person. Evil Man wasn’t very happy. Then Evil Man asked Super Bob “Why are you in your swimming togs?”, “I was swimming” replied Super Bob. Then Evil Man jumped off the roof and landed in a plane. Super Bob shouted back. Evil Man took off.

Super Cow flew back. Super Bob got on his back. “Get on” Super Bob called to the person who needed help. “OK” he replied. So Super Cow flew to the ground. Then the person whispered “My name is Ben” and he jumped off. Then Super Bob shouted “Super Cow! Fly after that plane!”

Super Cow flew after the plane with Super Bob on his back. The plane was going to Evil Man’s base. The plane landed on a street. He went into a building. Super Cow landed outside the building.

They sneaked past the guards secretly. They saw Evil Man go to the top floor. They walked into the elevator. When they got to the top floor, they saw Evil Man walking into a room. They crept in behind him.

 Just at that moment Evil Man turned around and saw Super Bob with Super Cow. “Well, well, well! Look who we have here!” he said. Super Bob stared at him. “How did you know that I was there?” he asked. “I saw you from my plane” he replied. “Oh man” moaned Super Bob. “Do you want to fight?” asked Evil Man. “No, never in my whole life” replied Super Bob. “Why not?” Evil Man asked. “Because I don’t want to!” shouted Super Bob. Suddenly Super Cow shouted “MOO!!”, “Don’t moo at me again!” yelled Evil Man. Because he was distracted Super Bob threw him out of the window. He was gone! “Hooray!” shouted Super Bob. “Moo!!!” mooed Super Cow.

Home and Away by Shauna Seifried Room 20

Chapter 1

Once upon a time in the forest a family lived in a small house. There was a mum, a dad and a little boy called Joe. He was seven years old. It was Joe’s birthday in two days. He really wanted a rocket ship.

He woke up on his birthday. He was so excited. He walked to the shop with his mum to buy food for his party. When he got home Joe went to see how Sam the dog was doing. Sam seemed very excited. Joe began helping his mum to get ready for the party. He got a lot of presents at the party, but he did not get a rocket ship. After his friends had left he began to tidy up. He walked upstairs to look at all his presents. His mum and dad came into his room and gave him one last present. He opened it excitedly. It was a rocket ship!

Chapter 2

Joe took it outside and set it up. He got into the rocket ship and he flew into space. He landed on Mars and decided to go exploring. Joe looked around the place. It looked weird and dirty. Joe was fascinated with the planet. It was shaking. When he got back to his rocket ship he saw it was frozen over. Joe was very sad. He saw an alien. The alien was talking rubbish and it made him laugh. The alien was lost too and his ship had broken down. Joe tried to open his rocket ship’s door but it was jammed from the frost. He was so sad. Joe wanted to go home. Joe started to play with the alien. He was very funny. They tried again to open his door but it still wouldn’t budge. The alien’s mum came. She tried to open it with them but it still would not move. Joe then whispered “I’m very scared”. The aliens felt sad for him.

Chapter 3

Soon they saw a rocket ship flying by. It was another alien, he was a man and he was also the dad of the other aliens. He landed and fixed the little alien’s ship. It was getting late. Joe started feeling cold. Then Joe, the dad alien, the mam alien and the little one all tried to open the door for the last time. “Creek” the door opened. Joe jumped into it and went home.

Joe landed in his garden and ran over to his mum and gave her a hug. He did the same to his father. He was so happy to be home. Joe never played with his rocket ship again. He then ran upstairs and got into bed. Joe woke up the next morning and had a buffet. He played with his dog Sam. The next day he saw the aliens flying past. He waved to them and they waved back. He then brought Sam on a walk. The next day Joe wanted to go into space but his mum would not let him.

Fairyland Panic, by Aoife Murphy Room 19

Once upon a time there were three warriors called Aoife, Izzy and Jack. Aoife was the strongest out of all of them. Aoife had short hair and wore armour. Izzy had long hair and wore a pretty dress. Jack was tall and had green eyes.

“Are fairies real?” asked Aoife. “Of course not” answered Jack. “What do you mean?” questioned Izzy, “they are real”. “Are not!”, “Are too!” argued the two of them.

Suddenly there was a portal in front of them that led to Fairy Land. Then a fairy came out of the portal. “I’m Emily!” explained the fairy. “See! Fairies are real!” explained Izzy. “Yes, but not for long if you don’t save us from the Evil Witch” exclaimed Emily. “Witches aren’t real, you’re just making this up!” argued Jack. “No I’m not, it’s true!” answered Emily. “Liar! Liar!” replied Jack. “Stop guys, we need to save the fairies from the Evil Witch” explained Aoife. So they ran to save the fairies.

When they got to Fairy Land, the Evil Witch was there destroying houses, cars and fairies. “Ha, ha, ha!” laughed the Evil Witch. “To defeat the witch you need to believe more” explained their new friend Emily. Then they all looked at Jack. “Believe more, Jack! For Emily’s sake!” Izzy cried.

“I do! I believe more than you can imagine!” Jack moaned. “Yeah right, like what?” interrogated the Evil Witch. Then the witch brought them to an Evil Forest where nearly everything was dead! “Even the people are dead!” moaned Aoife. “But why are all of the people dead?” asked Izzy.

“I don’t know….???!!!” answered Aoife. Then the witch came and tried to kill everyone in the galaxy. Aoife managed to stop her with her strong powers. It stopped the Evil Witch for a minute because of the explosion. Then suddenly the Evil Witch turned Jack into a toad with her powers! “Turn him back!” argued Aoife. “NOOOOOO!” answered the Evil Witch. “I said turn him back or else!” Aoife shouted. “Or else what?” asked the Evil Witch. “Or else I’ll kill your cat!” Aoife replied. “Not my cat!” cried the witch, “I got her for my birthday!” exclaimed the witch. “Then turn Jack back!” shouted Aoife. “Okay” answered the Evil Witch. Once the witch turned Jack back, Aoife used her powers to make the witch disappear for a week.

The week ended and she came back for revenge. She didn’t get to take revenge because Aoife killed her cat. The Evil Witch had a funeral for her cat. “You killed my cat!” moaned the Evil Witch. “Leave Fairy Land NOW!” cried Aoife. “Fine!” the witch replied, “After my funeral for my cat!” “Now! I said!” argued Aoife. “Okay, I’ll go with my cat” moaned the witch.

“You warrior saved us fairies, thank you!” cried Emily, “For your reward, here is a Good Potion!” “What does it do?” asked Aoife. “It makes people good! Just put it in their tea if they’re bad.” explained Emily.
“Thank you. Goodbye, Emily!” the children called and returned home.

Creative Writing

Syrian bear bery closeCreative Commons License Tambako The Jaguar via Compfight
Camping Adventure

One day Leon and Fionnán decided to go camping. When they reached the campsite, it was evening time. First they put the tent up. Next they put the sleeping bags inside the tent. After that the sky was as black as coal, so they had their dinner. The boys were exhausted after all their hard work and collapsed into their sleeping bags.

The boys woke bright and early to the sounds of the forest. Fionnán and Leon decided to look for their breakfast in the forest. The forest was huge and the enormous trees stretched into the sky, blocking the daylight from entering below. The boys stumbled through the dark forest, looking like tiny ants compared to the giant trees.

Suddenly a loud growl echoed through the forest and the boys froze to the spot. Through the gaps in the trees, the boys could see a large brown bear heading their way. Instantly Fionnán and Leon ran for their lives as the bear began to chase them.

As they ran, Fionnán tripped over a branch and hurt his leg. Leon realized that the bear was too close, so he had to help Fionnán. Leon quickly grabbed hold of a branch. With all his strength, Leon swung the branch and hit the bear. The bear was dizzy and this was their chance to escape.

The boys reached the safety of the campsite. Their hearts were pounding and they were so happy to be safe. Fionnán was so grateful to Leon for saving him…..They were friends forever!

A story by Fionnan Gallagher Kilbane

Second Class Room 20

Winter Themes: Snow globes and penguins – 1st Classes, Rooms 7 & 8

Christmas is here!!

The boys and girls in Ms. Dunne’s 1st class and Ms. Walle’s 5th class have been very busy this week. They really enjoyed making their gingerbread houses. Take a look at their houses here.

Junior Achievement in 2nd class

Junior Achievement was a great experience for the children in second class as it used relatable, real world scenarios to explain concepts such as community, production line and voting in a child friendly way.

The classes had a lot of fun participating in an election and forming part of an assembly line and there was an ample supply of resources available to aid the teaching of the topic.

Our facilitators were knowledgeable and approachable and the children really enjoyed their visits and asking them questions about the topics.

We have had a very positive experience of Junior Achievement, here in St. Brigid’s National School, Greystones.

Many thanks to all involved.

Quotes from the children

“My favourite part about the Junior Achievement program was when we learned about making doughnuts!”

“My favourite part about doing Junior Achievement was learning about voting and the different things you have to do when you want to decide on something new for your town.”

“l liked learning about the community and how we all need each other.”

‘l liked the paper money we got to use in Junior Achievement.”

‘ I liked the way we learned about the production line and how to make the doughnuts, that was interesting.”

“My favourite part about Junior Achievement was when we all got to vote and help decide and I liked the way everyone got a say.”

“Thank you for teaching us about the doughnuts on the production line and about the community.”

Flower Power