Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Junior & Senior Infants

Christmas 2020

Junior Infants

Senior Infants

Here are Ms. Teehan’s Senior Infants enjoying the Christmas Panto

Autumn 2020

Junior Infants

Senior Infants

June 2020


Well done to Ms Smith’s class who are graduating from Junior Infants. They have worked very hard this year and made some great memories. Take a look here to listen to their memories of their time in Junior Infants in Room 2.

Room 1 – Graduating from Junior Infants

Ms Teehan is very, very proud of all the boys and girls in Room 1. They worked so hard in school all year and then they worked really hard at home with their parents too. They are very happy, helpful, kind and caring young children and their parents must be very proud of them. Look at this video to see them graduating from Junior Infants this June. Can you believe they will be in Senior Infants next year?!

Free Play Friday

We love to play when we are at home. Look at the video to see what we get up to.


Look at these superstars from Room 2. Will you recognise any of your friends? Watch here


We love reading books in Room 1 so we decided to share what books we like at home. Take a look.


Look at the dance moves on display in Room 2. Super moves boys and girls! Click here to watch the video.

Friendship Friday

Room 2, Junior Infants, have some advice to share with you about how to be a good friend. Click here.

Art Museum

Room 1 have been work on lots of different art activities over the last few weeks. Take a look here.

Room 4

The boys and girls in Ms Hickey’s Senior Infants have been keeping very busy while at home. Take a look here to see what they have been up to.

Our News

Ms McGuirk’s Senior Infants in Room 4 wanted to share their news with everybody. Click here to watch and listen to their news.

Furry Friend Friday

Room 2 sent Ms Smith lots of photos of all their Furry Friends. Take a look here: Furry Friend Friday

Room 1

Room 1 have been very busy over the last few weeks. The Junior Infants in Ms Teehan’s class have been doing lots of writing, art, cutting and playing. The parents tell Ms Teehan all their news and it sounds like they are having so much fun. They have been growing their vegetables that they brought home from school too. Thanks to the gardening committee for organising that.


Room 2 have been very busy again this week. Ms Smith set them a challenge for PE. They had certain exercises and moves that they had to practise. Watch this: Fit Friday 

April 2020


Ms. Smith’s class are very busy doing their school work at home. They took a break on Friday 24th to dress up for ‘Fancy Friday’ to say thank you and well done to all the frontline workers. Take a look at how fancy they look.

February 2020

Many many thanks to the teachers and super well behaved kids of Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class students who planted courgettes, peas, carrots, radishes and pollinator friendly borage/starflower, one for us and one for the bees!
Huge thanks to all the Mums for all their help: Aoife, Thea, Leonie, Emer, Melissa, Sharon, Olga, Barbara and Steph, (especially for her excellent hand puppetry!) Many thanks too to Triona for the donation of all the cups which we were able to re-use as mini plant pots and which allowed us to do extra pollinator planting with our veg this year. And to Rebecca who co-ordinated it all.
Many thanks all! We are a lucky school to have so many parents who give so generously of their time. Many thanks to the Gardening Committee of the Parents’ Association.

January 2020

These are the houses that Ms. Hickey’s Senior Infants built

Penguins with Personality from Ms. McGuirk’s Senior Infants

October 2019 – Code Week

February 2019

Junior Infants, Room 1 made cupcakes on Valentine’s Day.

September 2018

Ms. Smith’s Junior Infants’ Class, Room 2 drew pictures of things they like doing in school.

June 2018

February 2018
There were two VERY SPECIAL visitors to the school. Many thanks to Frank Fenelon and family who brought two lambs around to each class. Spring has truly arrived.

The Gardening Committee from the Parents’ Association worked with Junior Infants on the ‘Grow It Yourself Sow & Grow’ scheme. The extra cups are used cups from the Happy Pear getting a second life as plant pots and are fully compostable once they are done. Milk cartons were upcycled as watering cans too. The children planted aubergines, radishes, courgettes, squash and carrots. Many thanks Rebecca, Aoife, Melissa, Sharon and Bronwen from the Parents’ Association who organised this interesting and exciting activity for the three Junior Infant classes.

Christmas 2017

Making Christmas Decorations with the Parents’ Association

The Star

She didn’t have a speaking part
Because the words were tricky.
(Though was glad she wasn’t Mary
Because Joseph’s hands were sticky.)

She’d hoped to be an angel
Because angels point their toes.
But they’d offered her a shepherd
And she didn’t like the clothes.

Now all the parts were given out
And she was just ‘the crowd.’
As she faced the sea of mums and dads,
Her little head was bowed.

Until she saw, right up the back,
Her mummy’s loving glance.
That found her and stayed fixed on her
Through every song and dance.

Whilst one king whacked the others,
With his golden box of myrrh.
Her mummy never peeped at them;
Those eyes stayed fixed on her.

And even though poor Jesus fell,
When the manger somehow tipped.
And Gabriel danced a solo
That wasn’t in the script.

Her mummy just looked straight at her
Like no one else was there.
It made her feel so wonderful
And she no longer cared.

That she didn’t have a ‘proper’ part
Which everybody ‘ahhed.’
Because, looking through her mummy’s eyes,
She would always be the star.

Emma Robinson 2015 from her blog ‘Motherhood for Slackers’

Making Masks

Senior Infants in Room 4 painted and designed masks this October. They were finally ready to bring home but they had to try them on first. Take a look at how fabulous they look.

PE with Cormac

Autumn is Here

Mateusz in Room 3 brought in a beautiful piece of art last week to share with us. He made it at home with his Mum. They used some colourful Autumn leaves and made it in to a flower. Have a look at the pictures, although it looks better in real life. Mateusz went around the other classes on the bottom lobby to show them his lovely Autumn flower.

As promised at the Junior Infant meeting, here is the timetable for the Christmas Plays.

Christmas Play Timetable Website 2017

September 2017

Well done to our new Junior Infants. They started school at the end of August 2017 and have settled in so well. Ms Kenny, Ms Curley and Ms Teehan are very impressed with how well they have settled in and how well behaved they have been.

Mrs. Costello was so delighted with all of the Junior Infants that she organised a little treat for them on Wednesday 13th September as this was their first full day. Each child got a balloon at home time. The children were delighted when Mrs. Costello, Tara and Carol came to give out the balloons.

School Year 2016-17

Active Schools Week is over and now we are moving on to Music Week. Gemma and Ciara (Seán’s Mum and sister!) came in to our class, Room 2, to show us their violins. They had 5 violins with them. Gemma taught us a little bit about the instrument and played us some classical and Irish music. She then played some pop music. We put ‘Cheerleader’ on GoNoddle. Gemma and Ciara played along and we danced. Then we all had a turn of holding and playing the violin. Some of us were naturals. Thanks to Gemma and Ciara for coming in. We’ll be doing lots of dancing and singing next week for Music Week (Monday 19th – Friday 23rd).

Room 4 coloured and painted fabulous pictures showing us what lives Under the Sea

Kia Ora Farm – June 12th

Junior Infants went to Kia Ora Farm on Monday, 12th June. We were so excited to get on the bus and couldn’t wait to get there. As soon as we got there we were starving so we had some lunch. Then we set off to investigate. We were able to play in the sand, play with the diggers, rides the bikes/tractors, etc. We had a trip on a real fire truck and we fed the llamas, alpacas and deer. We got some ice cream as a treat just before we went home. We had a brilliant day and some of us fell asleep on the bus!

What makes you happy? Paintings by Ms Coffey’s Senior Infants

Aistear in Ms.Ryan’s Senior Infants, Room 1 – The Theme of Outer Space

Easter Fun

Infants wanted to get active as they prepared for Easter. We decided to have an Egg and Spoon Race. Luckily, we used wooden eggs as it was quite hard to keep them on the spoon. As you can see from the slideshow the eggs kept falling off! On Friday the Easter Bunny visited room 2 and room 3 and we had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. It was so much fun.
Tired but happy; Room 2 in the back yard after their Easter Egg hunt.

Two lambs visit Room 3

Two Lambs, Moses and Midge in Rooms 5, 8, 1 and 2

Junior Infants have been learning about the Post Office in Aistear. We had so much fun. We designed our own stamps, made postcards, pretended we were working in a post office, etc. We decided to post some REAL letters to our families. We wrote the letters, put on the stamps and put the letters into the envelops. On Thursday 16th March we walked to the post office and posted our letters. We can’t wait to receive our letters from the postman!!

In February Room 2 and Room 3 were learning all about the farm for Aistear. They had great fun pretending to be vets and playing with the animals, tractors, etc. Just before the midterm they made lovely ‘Spring on the Farm’ pictures using pastels and buttons.

A look back at the Aistear Journey in Room 1, from Farm to Outer Space from September to May.

More Aistear Magic in Ms.Ryan’s Senior Infants Class, Room 1. The Aistear corner is transformed into a garden centre.

Aistear Activities in Ms.Ryan’s Senior Infants Class, Room 1

St.Brigid’s Cloak from Ms.Horan’s and Ms.Finnerty’s Senior Infants, Room 5

Spring Flowers from Junior Infants

EAL students from Junior and Senior Infants were learning about fruit and made these from plasticene. Great observation and detail. They almost look good enough to eat.

Junior Infants love PE with their new teacher Mark. Take a look at this short video to see how active we are.

‘Crepe Paper Collages’from Ms.Coffey’s Senior Infants, Room 4

‘Snowmen’from Ms.Carwood’s and Ms.Teehan’s Junior Infants, Room 2

‘The Three Little Pigs’ from Ms. Coffey’s Senior Class Room 4

Pictures using Shapes from Ms.Dunne’s and Ms.Teehan’s Junior Infants, Room 3
Hand-y Christmas Trees from Ms.Dunne’s and Ms.Teehan’s Junior Infants, Room 5

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer from Ms. Horan’s and Ms. Finnerty’s Senior Infants Class, Room 5
An Aistear Christmas in Ms.Ryan’s Senior Infants, Room 1

Snowglobes from Ms.Ryan’s Senior Infants, Room 1

Oops! It is snowing in Ms. Ryan’s Senior Infant Class – Aistear Project: Learning Through Play

OMG Halloween in Ms. Ryan’s Senior Infant Class – Aistear Project: Learning Through Play

Oh no! Farm animals on the loose in Ms. Ryan’s Senior Infant Class – Aistear Project: Learning Through Play

Visit from the Gardening Committee
Four mums from the Gardening Committee came in to junior and senior infants on Monday 21st November. They helped us plant a hyacinth bulb for our classroom. We planted it in a jar with water and we tricked the bulb into thinking it is dark by covering it up. We hope the roots will start to come out soon and then we will keep an eye on it to see if the shoots start to grow. We have all guessed what colour we think the flower will be. Thanks to the mums for helping us. We can’t wait to watch it grow.
Farm Pictures from Ms. Coffey’s Senior Class Room 4

Decorating Pumpkins with the Gardening Committee – Junior Infants

On Thursday morning the Gardening Club visited the Junior Infant classes and helped them decorate some pumpkins. There was lots of glitter and more glitter! The children really enjoyed it.

Halloween in Junior and Senior Infants
We had strange visitors in Junior and Senior Infants today. Take a look at the slideshow and see if you can find anyone you recognise!!

Autumn Fun
Room 2 and Room 3 have had a fun filled 2 months in school. We learned lots and we made new friends. We learned all about autumn. You can see our squirrels and our autumn trees in the slideshow. We have really enjoyed doing GoNoodle. We sing and dance along. You can see some of our dance moves! All of the infants got together a few times over the last few days. We were practicing our song for Ms. Foy’s retirement and we carved our pumpkins.
Keep an eye out for some costumes photos. Coming soon!!

‘Crayon Leaf Prints’ from Ms.Finnerty & Ms.Horan’s Senior Infants, Room 5

‘Self Portraits’ from Ms. Coffey’s Senior Infants Room 4

‘Family Trees’ from Ms.C.Ryan’s Senior Infants Room 1

Take a look at a few pictures from our first few days in Junior Infants in rooms 2 and 3. We had many happy, busy days.

‘Hedgehogs’ from Junior Infants Room 2 (students from Ms. Carwood’s and Ms. Teehan’s)

Look! It’s My Naughty Little Sister from Senior Infants, Room 5.

School Year 2015-16

‘Under the Sea’ from Ms. Carwood’s Junior Infants Room 2

‘Ireland’ by Ms. Coffey’s Senior Infants Room 4

‘A School of Fish’ from Ms. Kenny’s Junior Infants Room 3

‘Pasta and popcorn sunflowers’ by Senior Infants, Room 4

Paintings inspired by ‘Poppies’ by Monet from Ms. Horan’s Senior Infants, Room 5

‘Hey Little Hen’ from Ms. Kenny’s Junior Infants.

Spring Art from Junior Infants.

Art inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ from Ms. Coffey’s Senior Infants’ Class Room 4

‘Penguin Parade’ by Ms. Horan’s Senior Infants’ Class, Room 5

The Three Little Pigs. Paintings from Senior Infants, Room 4 and Room 5.

More art from Senior Infants, Room 4

Ms Coffey’s class turned into witches for the day. Don’t they look great.


NEW from school year 2015-16

Click HERE to see some work Infants did in Language class in Room 18. After hearing about ‘The Three Little Pigs’ we built a house out of card. But we’re not afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf!

I did nothing today…

When children come home at the end of the day,
The question they’re asked as they run out to play
Is “Tell me what did you do today?”
And the answer they give makes you sigh with dismay
“Nothing, I did nothing today!”
Perhaps “Nothing” means that I read a book,
Or …. with a Teacher I got to cook.
Maybe I painted a picture of Blue,
Or heard a story of a mouse that flew.
Maybe I wrote in my journal myself,
Or found a great book on the library shelf.
Maybe I helped a friend today,
Or went to my favourite area alone,
Maybe today was the very first time
That my scissors followed a very straight line,
Maybe I sang a song right to the end
Or worked with a special brand new friend.
When you’re four, five or six your heart has wings
And “Nothing” can mean so many things!