Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

After School Activities

6th July, 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We are currently looking at our After-School Activities for the coming year. This is a year like no other and we are at all times obliged to operate within the Health and Safety Guidelines for schools.

We are pleased to announce that our Basketball and Gaelic (for 3rd -6th Class) will go ahead on our return to school.  Places will be offered first to those who were enrolled last year.  Should any additional places become available we will be in touch with the enrolment process.

We are also looking at the possibility of offering CrossFit as an after-school activity.  More  details to follow.

Unfortunately, all our indoor activities held in the school including Art, French, Guitar, Science and Theatre Group are postponed for now.  We will review the situation again at the end of September.

If you would like to talk to Sinead McKeever (086-864 0322) French Teacher or Marc Roche (086-3935142) Guitar Teacher regarding online classes, please contact them directly.

Diane Cahill our Tennis teacher is hoping to continue with Short Tennis lesson for Junior Infants to 2nd Class but will be unable to confirm until late August.

Swimming and Athletics is run by Shoreline but organised through the school.  Shoreline will be in contact with us regarding classes for the Autumn in due course.

I would love if all the activities could have proceeded on our return to school as I know the boys and girls have been looking forward to getting back to doing what they like best.  Fingers crossed things may change over the coming weeks and we will get back to a more normal school year.

Kind regards,

Ms. Costello

After School Activities 2019-2020


Day Class Time Room Teacher
Tuesday 3rd & 4th 2.45-4.00pm 3 Ms McNally
Wednesday 5th & 6th 2.45-4.00pm 20 Ms. Dunne


Day Class Time Location Teacher
Thursday Jr & Sr Infants

1st & 2nd Class

3rd -6th Class



4.00-5.00 pm

Shoreline Running Track Jean Maxwell parent contact

Basketball- Basketball court in school yard

Day Class Time If Wet Coach Teacher
Monday 6th Class 2.45-3.45pm Room 4 Cormac Ms. Mc Guirk
Tuesday 5th Class 2.45-3.45pm Room 12 Shane Tara
Wednesday 3rd Class 2.45-3.45pm Room 9 Shane Ms. Gahan
Thursday 4th Class 2.45-3.45pm Room 19 Cormac Ms. Curley
Friday 3rd –6th Class 2.45-3.45pm Room 16 Shane Ms. Corcoran


Day Time Room Teacher
Monday 2.45-3.45pm 8 Sinead McKeever
Wednesday 2.45-3.45pm 17 Sinead McKeever
Thursday 2.45-3.45pm 1 Sinead McKeever


Day Class Time Teacher  
Football Tues 3rd – 6th 2.45-3.45pm Garret Doyle/ Ms. Corcoran


Day Class Time Room Teacher
Tuesday 2nd – 6th 2.45-3.15 pm /3.15-3.45pm Room 6 Marc Roche


Homework Club – by invitation

Day Class Time Room Teacher Room Teacher
Monday 2nd – 6th 2.45-3.45pm 10 ?
Wednesday 2nd -6th 2.45-3.45pm 5 3

Science Club

Day Time Room Teacher
Monday 2.45-3.45pm 11 Fiona Lang
Wednesday 2.45-3.45 pm 14 Fiona Lang
Thursday 2.45-3.45 pm 15 Fiona Lang
Friday 2.45-3.45 pm 2 Fiona Lang

Short Tennis         

Day Class Time Location Teacher
Tuesday Junior Infants- 2nd Class 1.45-2.30pm


Kilian Hall Diane Cahill


Day Class Time Location Teacher
Wednesday Junior Infants-6th Class 3.00-3.30pm Shoreline Swimming Pool Sallyann Murray parent contact
Thursday Junior Infants – 6th Class 3.00-3.30pm Shoreline Swimming Pool Sallyann Murray parent contact

Theatre Group

Day Class Time Room / Hall Teacher
Wednesday 3rd -4th 2.45-3.45 pm Room 2/ Room 7 Ms. Murray

Ms. Smith

Thursday 5th -6th 2.45-3.45 pm Room 7 /Room 12 Ms. Murray

Ms. Donnelly

Art from Third to Sixth Class.

Here are some Sugar Skull Cats from Art Club

Here are some Easter Chicks from the After School Art Club

Classes in these activities take place after school hours and details will be available in early September. All classes are provided by suitably qualified personnel.

Please note the following: Our duty of care ends at 1.40p.m. /2.40p.m. when children are dismissed from school. Our duty of care is extended to 3.45p.m. when children undertake Board of Management-approved activities in school or on school grounds. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that children are collected on time from after-school activities.

It is also the responsibility of parents to ensure that children who have enrolled for an after-school activity on the school grounds turn up for the activity and remain on the school grounds until the activity is finished. If children enrol for an activity at another location, e.g. Kilian House, Eire Óg, Shoreline or the athletics grounds, it is the responsibility of parents to bring their children to the correct location, supervise them and collect them on time.

Only children who enrol for an after-school activity may stay at school for that activity. A child participating in after-school activities may not leave the school grounds before or during the activity, e.g. between 2.40p.m. and 3.40p.m.

Short tennis

A parent must accompany any child who does short tennis after school on Tuesdays to Kilian House Family Centre. Children are not to be left unsupervised /unaccompanied while waiting for their coaching session. The school has no responsibility for supervision before, during or after short tennis in Kilian House.  Please note that Kilian House does not provide supervision. The short tennis coach is fully occupied coaching and cannot attend to children waiting for the next class. It has been brought to the principal’s attention that some children are running on the stairs outside the centre and/or running in the car park while waiting – this is something that is of great concern.


Children attending swimming lessons must be accompanied and supervised by parents at all times while at Shoreline Leisure Pool.


Children are given the opportunity to learn sporting and athletics skills from experienced trainers with their classmates in an excellent facility at a low cost group rate. Parents are asked to volunteer one hour of their time per term to help supervise at the venue.

Some of these activities are weather dependant. We will notify parents by text if there are any changes to these times.