Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the middle of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help the achieve their advancement.

Physical Activity

Schools wishing to achieve the Active School Flag begin the process by self-evaluating their current provision across 3 areas:
Physical Education,
Physical Activity
and Partnerships.

Take a look at some examples of physical activity in our school.

Active Board Games

Some of the children in Ms. Devine’s class and Ms. Purcell’s class designed board games to help us to have fun while being active. They made the games pretty hard. You can see some of these games on the Active School noticeboard in the hall. Be prepared for some sit ups, jumping jacks, etc. when you play these games.



We are doing 10@10 starting January 22nd at 10am every Monday to Friday for the next three weeks. You can see the videos we are using from RTÉjr HERE.

Jingle Jog Relay

Well done and thank you to Ms Woodcock and the Student Council/Active School Committee for organising the Jingle Jog today, Thursday 21st December. All of the children wore their Christmas jumpers and each class took their turn running some laps of the yard. The student council arranged for the Santa hat to be passed from class to class and in the end the whole school ran a whopping 8km. Take a look at the slideshow to see how much fun we had. Well done to all involved.

At the end of Term 1, Third class have clocked up two hours twenty minutes running laps since November 13th.

Exercising indoors with ‘Go Noodle

On days where the weather is so wintry that we cannot go outside to exercise we use ‘Go Noodle’ to exercise indoors.

‘GoNoodle makes earning minutes of healthy activity a game that your kids play together. Motivate kids to stay active.’

You can read more about ‘Go Noodle’ HERE


Walks in the Neighbourhood – A loop from the school to The Garda Station and along the coast by St. David’s

Running a Marathon

As a running initiative, 3rd Class, Room 14 are running a marathon, bit by bit. We asked advice and Ms. Hughes told us that she had used the Map My Run app. and had found out that if you run 16 times around the basketball court, it is equal to one kilometre. We took five minutes to run today. We all ran at our own pace. We REALLY enjoyed this. We are going to do this every day between now and Christmas. We are going to keep track of how many circuits of the basketball court we run. Today we learned that it is important not to cut corners. We hope to have run a marathon which is 42 kilometres or 26.2 miles over time.

Lots of students are cycling to school in the fine September weather.

Mr Meaney and the boys and girls in first class in Room 5 have started the Super Troopers programme. Each child has an activity journal and will be doing active homework. This will all be logged in their journals. Hopefully all of the family will get involved too.

Check out Super Troopers website for more information.

Annual Teacher V Student Basketball Match

Basketball League 2017

We are very excited to start our annual Basketball League. This year it starts on Tuesday May 2nd. Please click here, basketball 2017, to see the schedule of matches. We expect excellent behaviour and look forward to seeing the 4th, 5th and 6th class boys and girls show us the amazing basketball skills they have been practising all year. Good luck everyone!


Skipping Demonstration

Ms Donnelly’s 4th class spent a lot of time practising and perfecting their skipping routine and they performed it for a few classes. Some other classes will have the pleasure of watching this routing during Active School Week.


Lenten Activities

Lots of activity going on with the children in room 14. It’s great to hear all of the things they are trying out at home. Well done 3rd class.

Easter Fun

Infants wanted to get active as they prepared for Easter. We decided to have an Egg and Spoon Race. Luckily, we used wooden eggs as it was quite hard to keep them on the spoon. As you can see from the slideshow the eggs kept falling off! On Friday the Easter Bunny visited room 2 and room 3 and we had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. It was so much fun.

Tired but happy; Room 2 in the back yard after their Easter Egg Hunt

Walks in the neighbourhood
Junior Infants have been learning about the Post Office in Aistear. We had so much fun. We designed our own stamps, made postcards, pretended we were working in a post office, etc. We decided to post some REAL letters to our families. We wrote the letters, put on the stamps and put the letters into the envelopes. Click below to see:

On Thursday 16th March we walked to the post office and posted our letters. We can’t wait to receive our letters from the postman!!

Green Schools – We find that walking, scooting or cycling to school on Wednesdays (WOW days) tie in with working towards our Active School Flag. You can read more about this HERE
Some classes are doing a Lent Exercise Challenge

Running laps with the Infant classes

Building extra activity into our school day. Teachers report that the students return to academic work after exercise, energised, motivated and with better focus and concentration.

Ms. Ryan and her Green School Committee are trying to encourage students to walk, cycle or scoot to school, especially on Wednesdays. Every class has been given a grid and they will fill in how many people walked, cycled or scooted to school. Take a look at the link to see the grid and please make an extra effort on Wednesdays to walk, cycle or scoot.
‘It’s super cool to bí ag siúl. Be wise and exercise’.
Walk on Wednesdays


The whole school took part in Operation Transformation’s 10@10 on February 10th 2017.

Ms Hughes’ class had lots of fun today taking part in 10@10.

We loved participating in Operation Transformation’s 10@10

It was an exciting whole school event.

Student Success at the Leinster Schools Lifesaving Competition

Sadhbh from Ms.Hughes 4th class took part very successfully in the Leinster Schools Lifesaving competition in Belvedere College on Saturday 4th February. The competition is based on three different events and the culmulative score determine the overall winners in each age group.

The three events are resuscitation, line throw and ‘swim and tow’.

1.Resuscitation requires those competing to perform CPR.

2. Line throw is a dry land rescue event and tests the competitors ability to throw a line accurately and quickly.

3. ‘Swim and tow’ was Sadhbh’s best event on the day and she won a gold medal. It is a timed event. The competitor wears a t-shirt over his or her swim suit. They swim 25 metres to their ‘casualty’, and removes their t-shirt in order to tow the person they are rescuing 25 metres back to safety.

Sadhbh represented St. Brigid’s through her swimming club Poseidon Life Saving Club.  In addition to winning a gold medal in swimming tow, Sadhbh won the silver medal overall at her level.

Congratulations and well done to Sadhbh. This is some achievement. These are important life skills.

Sadhbh framed

6th class love yoga with Fionnuala on Tuesdays.

Room 2 and Room 3 love PE with our new teacher Mark.

Take a look at this short video to see how active we are!

Junior Infants love adding a bit of GoNoodle to our day.

Sometimes it helps us to release

any extra energy we might have!