Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Active Schools Week

In fact we would say we are active EVERY DAY!

Here is information about Active Schools Week in our school:

Active HOME Week
(April 27th – May 3rd)
National ‘Active SCHOOL Week’ takes place every April and is a really enjoyable part of the school year for many children.

This year, because of COVID-19, it is not possible for this to go ahead so we are asking you to invite the families of your school to participate in the ‘Active HOME Week‘ challenge instead.




Active Schools Week 2019

Pilates was a big hit this Active Schools Week.

More pictures of Active Schools Week 2019 to be added shortly.


Active Schools Week 2018

We were very excited to hold our annual Active Schools Week. It started on Tuesday June 5th and we had lots of activities planned for the week.

Here is a slideshow of Walk/Cycle/Scoot on Wednesday

Tuesday 5th June: Wake Up and Shake Up (in the line at 8.50. Committee will run this)

Tug of War demo in the yard 11.00-12.00

Wednesday 6th June: Cycle to School/Walk to School

Buddy Up Day – 2 classes do PE together

Thursday 7th June: Wake Up and Shake Up (in the line at 8.50. Committee will run this)

Drop Everything and Dance

Friday 8th June: School Sports Day

Other Activities that we hope to fit in:

PE/Active homework every night

Extra PE

Local history walks – Ms Ahern teaches us lots of local history

Her trail to the site of Rathdown Castle was a 5k round trip for third class. They were having so much fun they didn’t notice the distance.

Walks/Scavenger hunts on the beach

Active Week 2017 was a great success. Thanks to all the boys and girls and parents who got involved. Some of you joined in with Wake Up and Shake Up and some you volunteered at different events. We really appreciate all of the help. Music Week starts this Monday, 19th June and we have more fun planned for this week. We would like to see lots of dancing and movement and for the active lifestyle to continue.

Skipping Demonstration from Ms.Donnelly’s 4th Class

Thursday 15th June

Today we watched the best basketball match we have seen for a few years. The Mavericks and Wizards played each other in the final of the Basketball League and what a match it was. There were only 3 points between them at the final whistle and all of the teachers and students couldn’t believe how close it was. The basketball coaches were so proud of the skills and talent we witnessed today. And most of all, we were very impressed with the sportsmanship. All of the players involved were very mature and it was a pleasure to watch them. Well done everyone.

Thanks to Ms. Ahern for taking some of the classes on local history walks. We are learning all about the history of Greystones and keeping active at the same time.

Ms. Woodcock’s class did a Sports Show for the Junior Infants today. They displayed some amazing skills showing us a variety of sports. We saw gymnastics, gaelic football, soccer, hockey, tennis and much more. Well done to the boys and girls in third class. We saw lots of talent.

The boys and girls in Ms. Woodcock’s and Ms. Purcell’s classes had a tug of war demonstration today with Cathy O’ Toole. Cathy brought in a proper tug of war rope and we all took turns. She gave us a few tips and we really enjoyed learning them. Thanks Cathy.


Wednesday 14th June

Students have been encourage to cycle to school during Cycle to School Week. Today there were a phenomenal one hundred and twenty two bicycles or scooters brought to school. Teachers were also happy to see that children wore their helmets.

Monday 12th June

Well done to all of those who joined in with Wake Up and Shake Up in the yard this morning.

We hope you enjoyed it. We will be doing the same again tomorrow. We would like to see more of you joining in. Some of the teachers will be giving out more stickers tomorrow for those of you participating. This includes the parents too!!

Well done to the teams who took part in the semi finals of the Basketball League. The boys and girls from the Mavericks, Nuggets, Wizards and Spurs played their very best. The matches were very close. There were tears of joy and despair after the matches! The Mavericks and the Wizards won and they will play in the final on Thursday 15th June during school. Best of luck to both teams.

We got some ideas from the Green Schools in St. Brigid’s for Active Schools Week; some games you can play that need no equipment. That way they are ‘green’ games that are kinder to our planet. You can see them HERE on this link.

Junior Infants went to Kia Ora Farm on their tour today. They never stopped moving as soon as they stepped off the bus. They had a great time playing, feeding animals, running around, etc. A few of the boys and girls were so tired they fell asleep on the bus on the way home. Thanks to the parents who came with us. I’m sure they were tired too.

Junior Sports Day

Junior and Senior Infants had their sports day on Friday 9th June in the school. The boys and girls were very excited on Friday morning and they were ready to start the activities straight away. By the time the day was over and they received their rosettes they were exhausted. And so were the teachers!! Thanks so much to the parents who helped out on the day. We wouldn’t be able to do it without them.


UPDATE: Active Schools Week

Friday 9th June:                 Annual School Sports Day

Monday 12th June:

Wake Up and Shake Up (in the line at 8.50. Committee will run this.  The idea of Wake Up and Shake Up is to include the parents as well. Teachers are more than welcome too.)

Junior Infants on tour

Tuesday 13th June:           Wake Up and Shake Up (in the line at 8.50. Committee will run this)

Buddy Up Day (each class will find another class and do PE/exercise together)

Wednesday 14th June:   Cycle to School (bike week) or Walk On Wednesday

3rd class (Room 14) – gymnastics demo

4th class on tour

Drop Everything and Dance (we will play music over the intercom)

Thursday 15th June:         Tug of War Demo for the two 4th classes (11:00-12:00)

Basketball Final at 1.45

2nd class on tour

Other Suggestions:

PE/Active homework every night

Extra PE

Local history walks – Ms Ahern has a timetable for this

Walks/Scavenger hunts on the beach


Thursday 15th June:         Tug of War Demo for the two 4th classes (11:00-12:00)

Basketball Final at 1.45

2nd class on tour


Please click on Alphabet Active homework sheet to find some suggestions for homework for all students (and parents!) to do during Active Schools Week. These activities will keep you busy.

All parents have been emailed a letter outlining some of the activities that will take place during Active Schools Week. We hope you will join in the fun. Letter for parents 2017 active school week

If you have any suggestions for our Active Schools Week for next year please drop them into the suggestion box outside Tara’s office.


Our Active School Week will take place from the 9th of June to the 16th of June this year. We will have our school sports day during this week and our basketball league final. We hope to plan a few more fun activities for the children to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle. If you have any suggestions of activities, etc. please drop a little note into the Active School Suggestion Box. It is a yellow box outside Tara’s office. We would appreciate any suggestions from parents or children and we will try our best to include some of these suggestions in our Active School Week where possible. Thanks.

Active every week

However our official Active School Week

takes place from 9th June to 16th June.

We have lots of fun things planned.

We will have our annual sporting events

such as our school sports day,

teachers V 6th class basketball match

and much, much more.