Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the middle of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help the achieve their advancement.

Sports Day – 1st & 2nd Class

SPORTS DAY INFORMATION for parents of children in 1st and 2nd class. (Friday 8th June 2018).

Dear Parents, Some important information :

  • If weather is bad there will be a text sent out to every parent advising that sports day has been cancelled. This may be sent on Friday morning so parents should check their texts if it a wet day. We will endeavour to send the text as early as possible and if it is particularly bad weather we will send the text the day before.
  • The children have been given their Team Number. |It is written in their journal. THERE ARE ONLY 12 TEAMS IN THE JUNIOR SPORTS SO THIS SHOULD MAKE IT MUCH SIMPLER FOR THE CHILDREN TO REMEMBER. Ask your child what team they are on so they can be located in the field if you want to come down during the day.
  • If children are walking to the field, they should make their way directly to Eire Og Club where they will be met by our Entrance Supervision Team. Upon arrival they must make their way to their class base (this is their school room number Room 6 = Base 6). The JUNIOR SPORTS DAY bases are located on front of the ART Table in the smaller field as you enter Eire Og.  Children coming by car must be dropped of at Greystones Rugby Club for 8.45 at the latest. There is no parent parking at Eire Og. There is ample parking at the Rugby Club and the children will be walked across the Rugby Club grounds by our Rugby Club Supervision Team. It is worth noting that there is a small school on the grounds of the Rugby Club so parents should be extra mindful when dropping off their children. At the GRC gate keep LEFT for drop off and parking of St Brigid’s children.  Do not drive in to the right at the main gate as their school will be open and parking here is for parents of their pupils only.
  • Children should arrive no later than 8,50 to the field as assembly and roll call begin at 9am sharp. Arriving late causes confusion and upset, as their team will have already left base.
  • There will be 5 teachers at the bases as follows: Room 5 : Ms Horan / Room 6: Ms Cuffe / Room 7 : Ms Mangan / / Room 8 : Ms Dunne /  Room 20 : Ms Devine.
  • Cormac our PE Teacher  will also be in this section of the field.
  • If a child arrives late they should proceed to the Art Table where Paula/Ms Heneghan will bring them to their first station.
  • The bell will be rung every 20 minutes. Children should proceed to the next station.
  • Children should not run off or leave their team at any time during the day. If they need to go to the toilet/feel sick or are injured, they will be brought to the clubhouse by one of the helpers in the field.
  • Children must not leave Eire Og during the day (for any reason).
  • If a child requires an epi pen or inhaler they must be brought to the field. If they are held in school they will be automatically brought with our first aid kits and can be located at the First Aid Station if required. Ask the children to hand in any medical device required to Tara in the office prior to Sports Day. If it’s not in the office … it wont be in the field. Hay-fever sufferers should take some Zirtac before arriving at the field.
  • Even if the sun is not beaming, sun screen is required. A hat is also a good idea if the weather is sunny. Likewise it is a good idea to bring a light rain coat in case of showers. They can sit on the rain coat at lunchtime if the grass is damp.
  • Children can eat their lunch at they base from 11.00 – 11.25. Lunch should be packed in a secure lunchbox as the Eire Og Crows have been known to have a field day! 2 Bottles of water should also be included in lunch items. If the children are thirsty during the activities, there is a water station where they can have a drink.
  • Parents should collect children between 1.00 – 1.15 from Eire Og. Children are not allowed to leave the field unless they have asked their teacher and their parent/guardian is there to collect them. Parents must again park in Greystones Rugby Club as there is no parent parking at Eire Og.
  • The most important aspect of Sports Day is that the children enjoy it. They will make new friends on their team and will get to do lots of new and exciting activities and have a great day!


For the second year running, 1st and 2nd Classes will have their own designated area in the field. This is marked as Junior Sports on the map. They will have their own time – table and the stations will be run by their Class Teachers and Cormac our PE Teacher. This means that the groups at the Senior Sports Day (3rd – 6th Class) will be smaller than usual with no more than two teams of 10 children arriving at any one station. Last year confirmed that this division made for a more enjoyable experience for the children and the adults running the stations!