Senior Webmix

Please supervise your child online


The Senior Webmix is suitable for 3rd class up approximately. This first one includes Touch Typing drills followed by typing games. These are colour coded orange. The blue squares are links to Thinking Games including coding.

Activities that help with comprehension and vocabulary development are colour coded purple.

‘Real life’ maths activities are coloured brown. The ‘Home Budgeting’ or Family Game is one of the activities on the Moneyville website. You will find it across the bridge on the island. More maths activities are colour coded aqua marine. Most of these are opportunities to practice number patterns and multiplication tables.

Khan Academy Maths:

You will need to register your child in order to log in. The received wisdom is that for Maths anyway, the American Grades are one level higher than your child’s class level. So for example a 6th class student would work on Grade 5. There is an initial test with Khan which should place your child on the correct level.

Read Theory Comprehension:

This is a Literacy website you can sign up to. Reading is also a good way to spend this time.


This is great for Vocabulary development.


Learn Irish in just 5 minutes a day. For free.

Oxford Owl:

With a library of activities and resources for every stage of the learning journey, curated by the team at Oxford University Press.


This is also free and provides movement breaks that the children benefit from and enjoy.

Learning to type?

Fine Motor Skills & Typing:
BBC Dance Mat:
Typing Club:
Alpha Quick:

Perhaps once a week your child could try this to see how learning to touch type correctly helps one to type faster. 10-15 minutes typing practice at least four times a week would be effective (with perhaps 5-10 minutes after the typing practice spent on a game). It’s a case of ‘little and often’.

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