Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Digital & ICT Support

Can we believe it? We are at the end of another school year! The Covid impact on our in-school education program end of 19/20 and school year just gone was unforeseen and difficult for all. I don’t believe many of us in the early days expected it to last so long. Thankfully we can now look forward to an improved future even though we may still have to live with some of the impacts into the next school year.

As we speedily head towards the end of the current school year I thought it timely to reflect on the school’s Digital Strategy journey and the PA’s support role thus far. One of the positives of Covid I believe is, it has elevated the importance of a minimum required level of Digital and ICT skills for school administrators, teachers, parents and students. It seems increased use of technology running alongside our traditional options in the classroom is now more acceptable by all. What is the saying “necessity is the mother of all invention” or given Covid reinvention!

The Department of Education’s current Digital Strategy for schools officially expires’ end of this school term. I am aware that surveys were sent out recently to Principals, Teachers, PA’s and Parents looking for feedback on how the current strategy is working and input to the development of the next phase of the strategy. I am looking forward to seeing what this brings.

The current PA are revisiting and updating the constitution. I have been asked if we are still a sub- committee. On reflection I see the purpose of the original digital project set up some years ago by Sister Kathleen supported by the designated IT responsible teachers and a PA parents’ sub- committee has been completed. We are pleased that we have facilitated and encouraged positive momentum within our school and now this can continue internally. The schools’ achievement of Digital School of Distinction was a huge step forward. Now with an official school digital strategy, a plan in place and some operational years under our belt, we have a solid platform to move forward from.

The PA will have a Digital and ICT Co-ordinator going forward. This role will be supported by the main committee. We would like to, at a minimum, continue to support the school with an IT week each February partnered with St David’s. We think this a positive legacy of the project group and its’ efforts over many years. This week we believe hugely benefits our students. Peer group mentoring adds a welcome dimension. Also we are of the opinion it promotes continued positive digital momentum.

Covid protocols permitting we have been given the go ahead for another IT week February 2022 from Mrs. Costello, which is great news. We will as before focus on the senior end of the school 3rd to 6th class. Our goal is to increase their computer skills to help facilitate a smooth transition to secondary school. Dates of 14th to 18th February have been confirmed by St David’s TY Co-ordinator. Previously we ran 3 sessions per day. So 15 in total.  We normally plan for at least one session with 6th Class  so the TY’S can go through Google classroom with them. The co-ordinator will be in contact in September to set early planning in place for this week. We can be in a supportive role of Teacher, or we can just be supervisors of the TY’s as they support student pods or as before deliver some content.

We wish you and the team all the best and hope you have a wonderful summer.

Janet Watters, Parents’ Association


Janet Watters (c/o school office)