Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the middle of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help the achieve their advancement.

Parental Involvement in St. Brigid’s

The Parents’ Association in St. Brigid’s, Greystones play an important role in the school. The members pool their skills, ideas and energy to make the school the best learning environment for the the students that the school can be. Their creativity and commitment knows no bounds. Here are some examples of how they are making sure that our school days are the best days of our lives.

Copper Friday on 2nd February 2018 was a great success. There was great excitement in the school. Children brought in coppers from home. Room 20 brought in the most amount of money and got a prize from Auntie Nellie’s. The money raised (a phenomenal 2,417 euro) will be used to buy resources for Aistear. This is an infant curriculum where the children learn through play.

Here is a slideshow of photos from the day.

Parents from the Parents’ Association made Christmas Decorations with Junior and Senior Infants

The Parents Association have decorated the school foyers for Christmas.

Our Parents’ Association also decorated the school for Halloween

Our ever busy Parents’ Association organized a Halloween Bake Sale to raise money for a defibrillator for the school

The defibrillator, purchased with funds raised by the Parents’ Association is now in situ next to the Principal’s office. Hopefully, we will never have to use it, but it is good to know it is there if needed. To date, eight members of staff have been trained in how to use the defibrillator and further training will take place in the New Year.

A message from the Parents’ Association’s

Digital and ICT Committee

Digital STRATEGY FOR SCHOOLS 2015 – 2020

Department’s Goal

To realise the potential of Digital Technologies to enhance teaching and learning in our education system. The Department recognises that all of the education partners (including parent associations) also have a major role to play in achieving this Vision

To facilitate this last April your PA formed a Digital and ICT sub committee to enable direct collaboration with our school and support where possible (focused approach)

Our Committee Role

In consultation and co-operation with the Principal & ICT co-ordinating teachers, the team is engaged in devising and implementing a programme to equip students with IT skills in order to support their broader educational experience.

THE Future

We aim to create a self-sustaining programme guided by the school and the parental team to support digital education going forward.

If you are a PARENT that can help


Janet Watters (c/o school office)

We wish to set up a database with the contact details of parents with any IT skills and expertise that can assist and support our IT collaboration with the school. 

Dates of PA meetings 2017-18
11th September, 2017
20th September, 2017 – PA AGM
9th October, 2017
13th November, 2017
16th January, 2018
29th February, 2018
12th March, 2018
16th April, 2018
14th May, 2018
11th June, 2018

Available PA Committee positions: 2017- 2018

Chairperson (elected position)

The Chairperson works closely with the school and other PA committee and subcommittee members to ensure that the PA is run effectively.

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership
  • Coordinate the overall running of the PA
  • Support subcommittees in the planning of specific events and activities
  • Set the agenda for PA meetings (in conjunction with the Secretary)
  • Run and manage PA meetings in an efficient and timely manner, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to contribute and that issues are properly debated and an agreement is reached
  • Remain impartial and make sure that all parties have a voice and an opportunity to participate in decision making
  • Work with the Vice Chairperson to welcome and involve new members
  • Work with the Secretary and Treasurer to ensure that the PA is run effectively and in line with the PA Constitution
  • Lead the organisation of the Annual General Meeting
  • Encourage new parents to join the PA or help out at events
  • Work with the Catering team to organise the PA thank-you evening

Secretary (elected position)

The Secretary ensures that the PA runs smoothly, providing a link between the PA committee and parents, and between the PA and the school. The role requires good organisational and communication skills and being able to stick to deadlines.

Key responsibilities:

  • Deal with all correspondence that the PA receives – passing it on to relevant parties
  • Notify all Committee and subcommittee members, and all other interested parties, about PA meetings
  • Help prepare agenda for PA meetings and email it to all relevant and interested parties
  • Help the Chairperson to ensure that committee meetings run smoothly
  • Take the minutes of PA meetings, type them up and distribute them
  • Manage the PA email account, updating mailing lists when necessary
  • Work with the school office, Class Reps Coordinator and Communications Officer to ensure that PA notices are distributed in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Help the Chairperson with the organization and advertising of the PA AGM
  • Look after renewal of PA insurance
  • Look after renewal of NPC membership

Treasurer (elected position)

The role of the treasurer is to manage and control the funds the PA raises. The Treasurer should record all income and expenditure, details the amounts received and spent, and have the information available for every committee meeting.

Key responsibilities:

  • Day-to-day management of PA accounts
  • Prepare and report financial statements at PA meetings
  • Complete banking transactions on an as-needed basis.
  • Organise floats for fundraising events (when needed)
  • Collect and reconcile monies raised at these events and report totals raised to the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Prepare full accounts for the end of each academic year
  • Prepare a concise financial report for the Annual General Meeting.

Communications officer (NEW position)

This is a new, vital role on the PA committee. The Communications Officer will work with the Secretary and Class Reps coordinator to ensure the best methods of promoting and communicating PA information to parents.

Key responsibilities:

  • Establish and execute an overall strategy for communicating with parents, including adoption of new technologies or communications methods
  • Work closely with the school office to circulate PA information to parents via the most appropriate method possible (email, text alerts, letters in school bags or school web site)
  • Oversee, manage and maintain the PA page of the school’s website and other principal communications vehicles
  • Work with subcommittee coordinators to devise appropriate advertising and communication strategies for specific PA events
  • Publicise PA events and fundraising initiatives:
    • Liaise with the local press to get press coverage of PA events
    • Ensure posters are displayed around the school in good time
    • Ensure all information on PA work is kept current and up to date

Fundraising coordinator (NEW position)

A new role on the PA Committee, the Fundraising Coordinator oversees the various fundraising events, ensuring that events are completed effectively and on time.

Key responsibilities:

  • Work with the PA committee and subcommittees to determine an appropriate schedule of fundraising events for each school year (in advance of the PA AGM)
  • Oversee the fundraising activities of the PA
  • Meet with the organisers of each fundraising activity on a regular basis, ensuring that events are being advertised and run in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Work with the Communications Officer to decide on the best advertising and communication strategies for specific fundraisers
  • Prepare a short report on current status of fundraising activities for PA meetings

NPC delegates (NEW position)

The NPC is the national representative organisation for parents of primary school children. It exists to support and empower all parents through its helpline, training and website. The NPC delegate is the main point of contact for all NPC-related issues.

Key responsibilities:

  • Pass on NPC communication to relevant members of the PA committee
  • Attend the annual NPC AGM
  • Attend the annual NPC conference
  • Organise the PA’s submission to the annual Fred O’Connell award, which recognises the partnership between parents and schools (St Brigid’s Parents’ Association was awarded a certificate of achievement in 2017)

As part of NPC membership, a nominated parent can represent the PA on a NPC Special Interest Group:

  • Parent of child with special educational needs
  • Parent of a child from the migrant community
  • Parent of a child from the Traveller community
  • Parent of a child of a minority religion (non-Roman Catholic)
  • Parent of a child who is non-religious

(Please contact the PA if you would be interested in representing the PA on one of these groups.)

Library coordinator(s)

The Library Coordinator (ideally two coordinators) is responsible for the organisation and running of the school library, which takes place on Tuesday mornings from 9am until 11am and is available to 1st-6th classes.

Key responsibilities:

  • In August:
    • From school office, get new class information – class teachers, children and room numbers
    • Make new library cards for the incoming 1st class, with the name and room number of each child
    • Adjust all the existing cards in the library card box to reflect new room numbers
    • Check the current rota of parent volunteers and email/text each helper (if they can help again with new term)
    • Compile a new rota of volunteer parents, with mobile numbers and email addresses
  • In September and January:
    • Set up rota for new term (Sept-Dec and then Jan-May) and distribute
    • Start the library mid Sept and finish last week of November
    • Start the library mid Jan to May taking into account no library at mid-term or Easter
  • Maintain existing library books
  • Process any delivery of new books to the school – cover books and set them up so that they can be used in the library or distributed to classes

Book-rental audit coordinator(s)

The rental book audit coordinator has two main responsibilities:

  • During the school year, at the end of each term, the rental books need to be checked for damage and missing numbers and repaired if necessary.
  • At the end of the school year, sets of books need to be prepared for the incoming classes and left ready for use.

This requires organising a team of people to carry out repairs and compile sets of books. The co-ordinator sources volunteers, puts together repair kits and numbering sheets, assigns volunteers to the relevant classes and supervises the audit.

Please email the PA at if you are interested in taking on any of these roles.

The Parents’ Association would love to hear from you.

A Parents’ Association survey went out with the school reports mid June.

If you are new to the school or haven’t yet have a chance to fill out the PA survey, you can do so at

Alternatively, you can pick up a survey in the school office and drop it back to the red post box at the secretary’s office (see below).

We hope you will take the short time to complete this survey so we can reflect your collective views in the parents’ collaborative contribution to our school.

Congratulations to the Parents’ Association

Congratulations to St Brigid’s PA who were awarded a certificate of achievement in the NPC’s Fred O’Connell award ceremony, which took place at the NPC Education Conference on June 10, 2017 in the National College of Ireland.

The Fred O’Connell award recognises innovative partnership work between parents and schools that supports children to have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Parents’ Association was awarded the certificate for its creation of an Annual Parents’ Night that highlights the value and necessity of having parents involved in the school. Janet Watters received the award on behalf of the PA committee.

The Parents’ Association

We value the involvement of parents at St Brigid’s. All parents of children at the school form the Parents’ Association (PA). The Parents’ Association works in close partnership with the Board of Management and the teaching team to promote the interests of the children and the involvement of parents in the school.

Parental involvement in the school

Apart from various committees, many parents are involved as individuals in the school.

Some parents like to help with reading and activities. We greatly appreciate and welcome this help. The class teacher may give you an opportunity to volunteer on a rota basis. Help from parents is invaluable in many areas of the school, for example with classroom activities, walks, swimming, sports day, school shop and school tours.  Parents are asked to fill in a form so that they can be Garda vetted if they are to have unsupervised access to children.

The principal and staff are most grateful for all the help the school receives from parents. We look forward to seeing you at parents’ meetings, sports days, plays and concerts.

St Brigid’s coffee morning

The Parents’ Association invites parents of new children to a cup of coffee/tea
and a chat in the school hall on the first day of Autumn term from 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.