Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee meets and discusses possible events which will hopefully attract the parents’ attention and provide a way to meet other parents in a social atmosphere, gathering much needed funds for the school.  Funds raised are used to enhance our children’s total school experience. We try to gauge the mood of the various activities which we bring to the table.  They are then presented to the Parents’ Association for further discussion. Approval of Board of Management is then sought.

It is a great way to meet other parents. Children come to realise the effort that goes into making the school the success it is.

A message from the Fundraising Committee St Brigid’s NS.

A big thank you to everyone involved in supporting this year’s ANNUAL SCHOOL RAFFLE for 2019. We were blessed with a sunny day which meant the whole school could attend the draw for the first time in three years. We had many parent helpers on the day with children from an array of school classes and years to assist with the logistics. The Chairperson of the school’s Board of Management Mr Tom Sherlock, our Parents Association Chairperson Niamh Coyle and our Principal Ms Costello were in attendance. Our Community Garda Maria Curtis was there to witness the event and ensure we followed proper process. Mr Dodd was on hand to provide upbeat music and a sound system so we could be heard.

All classes filed into the yard with their teachers. The excitement was palpable. Lots of smiles and cheers, with many having their fingers crossed. Not everyone could be a winner however we did have many, and we all shared in their excitement. After the main raffle the children went back to their classrooms. There they held their free class-only draw. We had at least two small surprise prizes per class. So we had even more school winners!

We wish to thank our students, parents, extended families, the wider community including all our great prize sponsors. Without this support the event could not happen. Whilst selling tickets into the community we had many wonderful conversations about our school’s past. We were told of grandchildren attending, stories from adults who has attended themselves many years ago. The community is very interested in our school current development and our new outdoor play surface. We welcomed this opportunity to connect locally. We certainly feel part of an inclusive community.

We will add the prize list and names of winners shortly.

We wish you all a Happy Easter.

The Fundraising Committee
St Brigid’s National School

Here is the list of wonderful prizes. Many thanks to the people and businesses who were so generous.

(1) Cash prize of €500 from Dwyer Nolan Development

(2) 14’’ Laptop Value

(3) Shoreline Swim Vouchers

(4) Go beyond Adventure ½ day Rock Climbing for 4 Value

(5) Kids Folding Electric Scooter

(6) Delgany Golf Club Voucher

(7) Up to My Eyes Beauty Voucher

(8) Uniform / Trendy Toes Shoe Voucher

(9) Amazon Gift Card

(10) BM Plumbing Gas/Oil Boiler Service

(11) Whale Theatre Event Tickets

(12) Brooke and Shoals Gift

(13) Orla Guiry Framed Picture

(14) Las Tapas Lunch/Dinner voucher

(15) Felton Photo Frame

(16) Sam McCauley gift Hamper

(17) Supervalu party Hamper

(18) Whale Theatre event tickets

(19) Whale Theatre event tickets

(20) Whale Theatre event tickets

(21) Beauty Hamper

(22) Wine Box

(23) Computer accessories gift box

(24) Computer accessories gift box

All winners have been notified.

And the lucky winners were:

1st        Paul Walsh (Supervalu customer)

2nd          Claire Doherty

3rd          Tritschler Family

4th          Mick Masterson

5th          Ellie Reid, Room 5

6th          Henry Johnston

7th          Eamonn Bradshaw

8th          Irene O’Neill

9th          Debbie Brandy

10th       Hugo Mc Connell

11th       Monika Stephien

12th       Aoife McCarthy

13th       Brooke Felton

14th       C. Tezgin

15th       James Hall

16th       Rebecca Gill

17th       C. Allman

18th       Jamie Elliot

19th       C. Dilley

20th       Gary McDarby

21st        Lisa Butler

22nd       Carol Bolger

23rd       Grant Deusen

24th        Linda Foy

Thank you to everyone who supported the raffle.

UPDATED on the Annual School Fundraising Raffle. The Parents’ Association Fundraising Committee have been busy.

‘We, the Parents Association, wish to thank our local community for their support. We had many nice chats and it was wonderful that so many are interested in our school and its development’.

Parents selling raffle tickets in Supervalu and outside Holy Rosary after 11.30 Mass.

PS Permission from all in the photos to put on our school website.

The School’s ANNUAL FUNDRAISING RAFFLE was held on Thursday April 11th, 2019. It was very successful, raising lots of money to make the school even better and to make the children’s learning even more interesting.

The Parents’ Association Fundraising Committee had been very busy, sourcing really great prizes, publicizing the event, circulating tickets and selling them. Parents sold raffle tickets in Supervalu and outside Holy Rosary Church after 11.30 Mass.

‘We, the Parents Association, wish to thank our local community for their support. We had many nice chats and it was wonderful that so many are interested in our school and its development’.

The importance of community links was illustrated, when the first prize was won by a member of the community and the winner generously donated a substantial amount of his prize to the school!

There were prizes galore including 500 euro in cash, a laptop and an electric scooter. There were also prizes for the top ticket seller: 1st – 35 euro, 2nd – 25 euro and 3rd – 15 euro. The seller of the 1st prize ticket got 25 euro. Ms. Hughes’ class, the class that sold the most tickets won an Easter egg each.

There was also be a free classroom draw on the day with a chance for children to win prizes. As a result there was a real party atmosphere in the school and a feeling of anticipation.

Fingers and toes were crossed!

Everyone was hoping to win a prize!

And because of the way it was organised, many, many students did win a prize and went home very happy!

Thank you to the Fundraising Committee of the Parents’ Association. We appreciate all your hard work. We definitely have the BEST Parents’ Association in the world. Their work makes all the difference to the school.

Click on the following link: Winners List 2018 to download the list of winners from the school’s Annual Raffle 2018. All winners have been notified. Many thanks to all our students, parents, sponsors and helpers for their contributions towards making the event a great success. 

There was a great atmosphere in the school hall as you can see. In addition the Parents’ Association ensured that someone from each class won a prize in a separate free mini raffle. This went down a treat as you can see from the following photograph.

A special thanks to the members of the Parents’ Association for all their hard work in making the event in the school very memorable and the fundraising very successful. Congratulations to all our winners.

Copper Friday on 2nd February 2018 was a phenomenal success raising an amazing 2,417 euro. There was great excitement in the school. Children brought in coppers from home. Room 20 brought in the most amount of money and got a prize from Auntie Nellie’s. This time the money raised will be used to buy resources for Aistear. This is an infant curriculum where the children learn through play. Many thanks to all who participated in this great fund raising initiative. The by product was all the fun that we had that day.

Dear Parents, The PA together with Ms Costello and all the Staff invite the children to celebrate in St. Brigid’s 1st Christmas Jumper or Christmas Accessory Day on Thursday 21st December as a fundraiser for the school. We are suggesting each child donate €2 or whatever you may wish on the day. If the children do not wish to participate in this event, they are free to wear their tracksuits. We are aware that Christmas is a very expensive time for families, so please do not feel under any pressure to go out and buy a Christmas Jumper. With your help, we hope the children and staff will enjoy a fun day and we thank you for your support.

Our ever busy Parents’ Association organised a Halloween Bake Sale to raise money for a defibrillator for the school. The defibrillator is now in place beside the principal’s office. Well done to the fundraising committee and many thanks to everyone who helped or contributed.

We will issue a school survey in the next few weeks to assess the support for our existing methods of fundraising and hopefully get some fresh ideas and feedback.