Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Junior Webmix 3


The DES require us to keep up with Maths and Literacy to the end of the school year.

But as it is June, the focus of many of the activities on the website will be less academic. Check back as activities will be added as the month goes on.

NEW: Important to be safe over the summer holidays:

Click HERE to see the RSA ‘Safe Cross Code Dance.’ It is always a big hit in the Junior Classrooms.

NEW: CHALK OBSTACLE COURSES were the surprise hit of SPORTS’ DAY. Here are some ideas from ‘The Inspired Treehouse’

Helpful hint: ‘It’s a good idea to squeeze in some ”break” activities such as make a wish, give high five to the sky, say your name, empty your pockets, etc. It makes the obstacle course more fun.’

Scroll down this link to get more ideas.

10 Creative Sidewalk Chalk Games & Activities


Another big hit was scavenger hunts and being outside.

Here are five easy onesfrom Mums’ Little Explorers suitable for infants.

No need to print any of these out. You can view them on your phone.

Here is a range from Coppell Nature Park

What you can find under a rock or a log

A hunt for living and non-living things

A scavenger hunt for your five senses

A spending time outside observation sheet
Just give your child a blank sheet of paper and see what they can observe and record.

And here is an information sheet about finding: Evidence of Animals

Combining a love of reading with a scavenger hunt, click on this link to download a Reading Scavenger Hunt from the Modern Parents Messy Kids blog. Again no need to print off, as you can read it on your phone.


The Little Miss Teacher website has an entertaining activity on Visual Literacy. This link will take you to her site where you can see ‘explore, doodle, draw, talk and discuss’ what you find there.

Great Reading Challenge from ‘We Are Teachers’ is HERE

Motivating for children:
Can they read under a tree?
Read for an hour straight?
Read to a furry toy and much much more.


NEW: From the ‘Lucky to be in First’ blog ‘Connect Four’




There is no need for a permission slip

and no end to the places a class can go on a virtual tour.

Dublin Zoo have virtual tours or perhaps you would prefer to go to the Aquarium

Seaside Scavenger Hunt
Written especially for Greystones South Beach

We will choose only the things that we can collect

and return safely and without damage. 


  1. A small black pebble
  2. A feather
  3. A pebble with a hole in it
  4. A mermaid’s purse

(dog fish egg case or whelk egg case)

  1. A limpet (or part of)
  2. A mussel (or part of)
  3. A whelk (or part of)
  4. Something beautiful
  5. Some sea lettuce
  6. A sea belt
  7. Some bladder wrack
  8. Something that makes a noise
  9. A small white pebble
  10. A pink flower
  11. Something soft
  12. A yellow flower
  13. Something important in nature

(Everything in nature is important!)

  1. A small grey pebble
  2. Any part of a crab
  3. Something that reminds you of yourself
  4. A white flower
  5. A sun trap (This is anything that captures the sun’s heat)
  6. More than 100 of something!
  7. Something that the sea has changed
  8. A creature’s home (make sure it is empty).
  9. Something round
  10. A big smile

At the end we will leave what we have found on the beach.

We will:

‘Leave only footprints.

Take only memories’.