Halloween Dress Up & Cake Sale Day


Halloween Dress Up & Cake Sale Day

Friday 27th October


Halloween Dress Up

The children can dress up for Halloween on Friday 27th October. If your child does not wish to dress up, they can wear their school tracksuit instead.

A few guidelines around what the children are allowed to wear to school on the day to ensure everyone enjoys themselves:

  • No scary masks or costumes. You can keep these for Halloween Night. We have a number of small children here who might be very scared, and we wouldn’t want to ruin their day.
  • A small amount of face paint is allowed once it is not scary.
  • A small amount of coloured hair spray is allowed.
  • Children can wear wigs if they wish.
  • No fake weapons e.g., knives, axes etc.
  • Children tend to lose accessories so please keep these to a minimum.
  • As the children will need to move throughout the school during the day it’s important that their costumes would not cause them to trip or have an accident.
  • Also, bear in mind the children will need to use the toilet/ wash their hands during the day so please take this into consideration when you are choosing a costume.

We are looking forward to seeing all the different costumes this year.

Bake Sale

Next Friday 27th October is our Annual Halloween Bake Sale which will take place in the school hall from 9.00am. The bake sale will be run by the Parents Association and the 6th class students who will provide nut-free bakes for the whole school.

We would be delighted if the children could bring in a small donation to buy a bun / cake at the bake sale.

Reminder: The school will close for Mid Term Break at 1.40pm for Junior Infants, Senior Infants and at 2.40pm for 1st -6th Class.

There will be no after-school basketball on Friday 27th October.

School reopens on Monday 6th November.

Kind regards,

Parents’ Association

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