Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Be Green with Us

We are working towards our 6th Green Flag.

Recycled Christmas Decoration Competition: Congratulations Emily from R19 who came 1st in school. Also Ellie R20 and Sarah R14, who came joint 2nd. The standard was very high this year. Thanks to Ms. McNally for organizing this annual festive and green event in the school as part of the WCC’s ‘Green Christmas’; Recycled Decoration Competition.

Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste

You can read a great deal about our work on our GREEN SCHOOL BLOG HERE on THIS LINK

We would also suggest that you take a look at the Parents’ Association Gardening Committee’s wonderful work that goes on all year long, every year. Click HERE to see. We are so lucky in our Parents’ Association and all they do to make our school a better place.

St Brigid’s Junior Tidy Towns Beach Clean April 2019

Hi all,

Many thanks again for facilitating the Junior Tidy Towns St Brigid’s Beach Clean. We had a super turn out of 18 parents and kids so about 55 in total but due to very cold winds and all kids running enthusiastically on to the beach we didn’t manage to get a photo all together to show it!

The parents and kids picked up a great amount of general rubbish, plastic, cigarette butts, and parents even picked up a lot of broken glass and metal. Huge thanks to everyone who turned up to help on what ended up being quite a cold day.

Many thanks all!


You can also see all the recent work the Parents’ Association’s Gardening Committee has been helping us with: the Pollinator Garden, National Tree Week – 2019, the ‘Sow and Grow’ initiative and more if you Click HERE

What is Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship is a way of living

that understands and respects that our world

is a web of connections among people;

that we depend on one another

and that our world is one in which the choices we make

and the actions we take may affect people

in our neighbourhood

but also all over the world.

The aim of Green Schools is to increase students’ and participant awareness of environmental issues through classroom studies and to transfer this knowledge into positive environmental action in the school and also in the wider community.

Schools that have successfully completed all the elements of the programme are awarded the ‘Green Flag’. The award has to be renewed every two years. We have five Green flags so far and are working towards our sixth.

Litter & Waste Management (2005)

Energy Awareness & Conservation (2007)

Water – Its Uses & Conservation (2009)

Sustainable Transport (2011)

Biodiversity (2014)

Led by Ms. Saoirse Ryan and the Green Schools Committee we are working hard on earning our sixth green flag. Below you will see some of our endeavours. You can also read about our green schools work in St. Brigid’s on the GREEN SCHOOL BLOG

Christmas Decorations from Recycled Materials 2017

Entries for the WCC Competition 2016

For as long as we can remember, every year at this time, students make Christmas decorations for the Wicklow County Council competition. It is an annual event, that is much anticipated and greatly enjoyed. The decorations are made from recycled materials. All entries are on display in the hall, except for two which have gone on to Wicklow County Council. These Christmas decorations made from recycled materials are all so different and show great creativity and ingenuity. The children had great fun making them. Well done to all involved and many thanks to Ms.McNally who co-ordinated the competition.

Wicklow County Council organized its annual Christmas Decorations Competition, challenging the children to make Christmas Tree Decorations out of recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, newspapers, plastic & glass bottles, tin cans, milk and juice cartons, etc….

The winners were:

1st Place –            Ciara Forde
2nd Place –           Stella Doyle
Joint 3rd Place –   Erin Dardis

and Louis Galvin & Isobelle O’Brien

Highly Commended- Hannah & Ella Breen

Highly Commended – Áine Marmion & Ciara Bright

1st & 2nd places entries will go to Wicklow to be judged in the county finals on 14th December.

Project Hyacinth

Day 365+7 Wouter de Bruijn via Compfight
In every classroom in the school ‘PROJECT HYACINTH’ has started to bloom. In late November, the parents from the Gardening Committee delivered a hyacinth bulb to every classroom. They have been sitting in water in glass jars under little cardboard ‘hats’ to fool them into blooming. The first thing we noticed were little white roots growing down into the water. If we lift the ‘hats’ we can see a little green shoot. We are excited to have the hyacinths growing in our classrooms. We wonder what colour ours will be. We would like to thank the Gardening Committee for our hyacinths: ‘the gift that keeps on giving’.
Click on THIS LINK to see.

A New Addition to the School Grounds – A Silver Birch


Renewed thanks to our exceptional gardening committee. They are forever coming up with great ideas to make our school an even better place to be. As well as looking after the school grounds, they do so much more.

  • For example they showed students how to grow vegetables and harvested them.
  • They have created a special outdoor classroom.
  • They commissioned a ‘Buddy Bench’ (made from recycled wooden pallets) where children who have no one to play with can sit until their friends find them.
  • The Gardening Committee caused great excitement when they put a special Halloween scarecrow in the school garden.
  • In this bleak mid winter, they gave each class a hyacinth for the teacher’s desk to bring sunshine to our classrooms.
  • Recently they planted a silver birch trees in the school grounds. Michael the school caretaker helped.

We think the silver birch was a great choice as it is beautiful all year round.

  • In Winter, even though it is deciduous and has no leaves the colour of its bark and the patterns on it are beautiful.
  • In Spring the leaves are a fresh light green and these darken as the year turns to Summer.
  • Then in Autumn the silver birch is colourful with vibrant yellow leaves.
  • Then there are the 500 or so insect species that use the silver birch as a habitat all year round.

Many thanks to the Gardening Committee for another super addition to our school grounds.

We have very little space, but with thought and imagination it has been made a much greener and better place to be.

We earned our fifth Green Flag for biodiversity with Fiona Lang, a parent and our Green Schools Co-ordinator at the time, who worked so hard and co-ordinated us so well. We really learned a lot.

Now in 2016 we are working towards our sixth green flag:

Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste

Here is a slideshow of the presentation of our fifth green flag:

Just click here to see our Green Schools blog. It was nominated for a Junior Spiders Awards. If you here you will see the great time we had at the prize giving.

Past Pupil Success in this area

We are always very interested to hear about the success of our past pupils. Emily H has had great success growing Monterey Pine Trees from seeds. She has made a valuable contribution to the community of Greystones. You can read about Emily’s project Growing Monterey Pine Trees From Seed here.