Foghlaim na Gaeilge

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Thank you Mr. Dodd for all of the recommendations!

Introduce Irish into your Home:

A book that encourages introducing Irish at home, as your child starts school. Recommended by Mr. Dodd, ‘Introduce Irish into your home’ is a simple story book and dictionary.

Rang Maher:

A new and helpful website suitable for 4th – 6th class. It is particularly helpful for teaching Irish Grammar with videos to learn from, practical activities and useful summaries.


A great resource for learning Irish – for both children (from 3rd Class up approximately) and parents ! Set up an account and get your child to take the placement test. This ensures they are set up at the correct level of Irish for them to practise. Just 10 minutes a day and they can learn lots. We get good feedback about Duolingo from parents and students.

Cúla 4 Ar Scoil:

The videos are in shorter snippets and organised according to topics. This may be more manageable for you and your child.

Cartoons & Kids Programmes:

Cúla4 also has cartoons and children’s programmes as Gaeilge. Watching these help children get the language ‘on their ear’ and to see Irish as a living language.


Irish Language Programming for children on TG4. Apps can be downloaded onto phones from TG 4 – e.g. Cúla Caint or Seinnteoir TG 4 (TG 4 Player)

Symbaloo Webmix

The very first link ‘Word Games – Digital Dialects’ is good for vocabulary development as are Cluiche 1 & 2 from the top line of the webmix.

Leigh Anois:

This website which is good for reading, pronunciation and understanding.

Online Irish Dictionary:

There is a facility to pronounce the different words you look up.

Another dictionary option is

Scéal an Lae (Story of the Day):

A You Tube channel where good quality Irish picture books are read aloud. 5-10 minutes long and would would be suitable for Infants to Fourth Class approximately.

Muzzy (Youtube - 6 episodes):

‘Muzzy’ is an award-winning language course for learners of all ages, developed by the BBC. It is subtitled in English.

Reading, writing, listening:

For each class level. If your child finds the exercises for their class level too hard, try an easier one.

Irish Placenames:

The Placenames Database of Ireland.

Foras na Gaeilge:

Stories on Soundcloud

Irish Games:

Available for purchase.

Tongue Twisters:

Tongue twisters as gaeilge.

Christmas Activities:

Lots of nice things for Christmas here in one place.

Christmas Songs as Gaeilge:

Including Jingle Bells & Silent Night.

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