Wellbeing Week February 2024

Wellbeing Day

As part of the Amber Flag Initiative, we celebrated our very first
Wellbeing Day at St. Brigid’s National School on Wednesday 7th February.

In each class, the children discussed things we can do to help us
feel well in our bodies and in our minds, such as getting enough sleep, eating
healthy foods, exercising, spending time with family and friends, practicing
gratitude, using positive self-talk and taking time to do the things we enjoy
the most.

Junior Infants to 2nd Class attended a yoga class
in our school hall with Jo. As part of the yoga session, pupils explored
different yoga stretches, as well as different types of breathing. Our senior
pupils participated in a mindfulness session with Jennie. During this session,
they discussed the concept of a busy mind and created mindful jars.

Many classes in the school assigned Wellbeing Homework in lieu of
regular homework. The boys and girls really enjoyed coming in each day and
sharing news about their wellbeing homework from the previous evening, from
building forts to physical exercise and helping to cook, there was something
for everyone to do.


We had lots of fun celebrating our
Wellbeing Day and are very excited to make this an annual event.

‘What Makes Me Happy?’ Poster Competition


As part of our Wellbeing Day, some classes throughout the day participated in a competition to design a poster showing the different things that make them happy. It is good for our mental health and wellbeing to remember and share things that make us happy and happy events with our friends. It certainly put a smile on all our faces. Check out some of the posters below.


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