Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Recommended educational links on the school website

The school reports went home today. A number recommend the educational activitites on the school website for Juniors, Middle Classes and Seniors, particularly in Maths and English. Here are some we would recommend:

Junior Classes: Infants to 1st approximately :

‘Teach Your Monster To Read’, Part 1 Part 2 & Part 3

is an opportunity to learn and revise phonics and the computer version is free. It has proved very popular with the children that use it here.

ABCya is another good website. It teaches Maths, Reading and more. Again it is child friendly and appealing.

Older Classes

Online activities for learning and revising tables. This is more fun than it sounds given the wide selection of online activities on the webmix.

In particular Multiplication Mine Junior from ABCya teaches multiplication as ‘repeated’ addition.

A timed, more challenging, follow on version of this game can be found here


Many children from 3rd class up have a account that they can work on. Some children in the middle and senior classes have Khan Academy accounts for Maths. Great work has been done on these to date.


In addition on the left hand menu on this page (the school’s website home page), there is a drop down menu under the tab that says ‘Recommended Educational Links’.

During last year’s ‘lockdown’ we referred parents to the first two ‘Senior Webmix’ and ‘Junior Webmix’ while children were learning from home. But there are lots of other webmixes on this site to choose from.

Parents made use of the ‘Links to Learn Tables’ mentioned above. We also recommended the ‘Foghlaim na Gaeilge’ webmix.


Teachers find ‘integration’ a very useful concept in school. It is acknowledged that the curriculum is overcrowded. It is hard to find time to cover everything. Integration, for example, encourages us to teach language while also teaching Art, Music, History, Geography etc.

The History and Geography webmix on this list is interesting. Working on it involves integration with language: reading, comprehension and developing vocabulary.

The Arts are important too, and there is an interesting Music webmix (with a couple of Art activities included). While working on this webmix children are also developing their computer skills and seeing another way in which technology can be used.

There is also a Fine Motor Skills and Typing webmix. Some students used last term to learn to type. Touch typing is a valuable skill to have. It also helps children with their spellings through ‘muscle memory.
-Of the activities on the webmix is recommended for children 3rd to 6th.
Dance Mat Typing can be used by children from 2nd class approximately.
However the other activities on the webmix provide variety, give children a chance to practice their keyboard skills and to have fun.

In St.Brigid’s NS, Greystones we aim to educate the ‘whole child’. The activities on these links appeal to children with differing interests. They also develop different aspects of the child.

We are checking through the links to ensure that they are working. 

These are all useful standbys for a rainy day. Though hopefully we won’t have too many of them.