Creative Schools Week – Stop Motion Studio

As part of our Creative Schools Week initiative in St Brigid’s 4th class rm 15 had the chance to welcome Mike Byrne (Let’s Animate With Mike on youtube) for a whole day workshop on stop motion animation. The children had such a great time learning how to storyboard ideas, build up a simple scene, create backdrops and plasticine characters as well as film and edit a minute long mini video. The had so much fun and showed such creativity in their ideas. Mike runs the workshops so well with encouragement and upbeat positivity that his passion for animation is nothing but contagious!

Under Mike’s guidance the children used a free app called Stop Motion Studio which you can try at home as well as Inshotto add and edit sounds and titles. What a great opportunity to learn about the animation industry and a way to channel creativity and artistic expression. Who knows where this could lead for our budding animators or directors!

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