Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the centre of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help them be the best they can be.

Khan Academy for Maths

You can learn about history, science, art, economics, music, computer programming on Khan. We use it for maths. It is free to use. 200 students in the school from 3rd class to 6th have been signed up to Khan Maths Challenge since January 2015. Khan is particularly suitable for 4th – 6th class however there is a section on early maths for 1st class up too. Children like it because Khan makes learning fun; they are rewarded for doing Maths with points, badges and avatars. Persistence is rewarded as well as achievement. We have found that children who have worked consistently on Khan have improved their standardized test scores significantly in 3rd and 4th. Students held their own in test scores in 5th and 6th where the maths curriculum is more challenging.

Khan Academy 9 Week Challenge
In the nine weeks from 29th January until 1st April, 146 students from 3rd class to 6th competed in the Khan Academy Maths Challenge spent at least an hour a week working on maths. 78% of this work was done at home.

We especially commend Ethan Place for the time he put into the competition and for persistence. Week after week he figured in the national ratings for this competition. He is very nearly a millionaire on Khan in terms of points with almost 900,000 points earned since January 2015.

Congratulations to Sophia King, who did the girls proud coming in second. Congratulations too to Cillian Fulmer and Jack Keaveney who both are point scoring millionaires since we started working on Khan in 2015. That is a phenomenal achievement.

Top Ten from the Khan 9 Week Challenge

1.Ethan Place 5th Class R12 205 skills mastered 43 hours worked 140 badges earned 550121 points earned.

2.Sophia King 4th Class R17 224 skills mastered 31 hours worked 63 badges earned 363952 points earned

3.Finn Burke 4th Class R16 278 skills mastered 17 hours worked 53 badges earned 369264 points earned

4.Jack Keaveney 5th Class R11 305 skills mastered 24 hours worked 131 badges earned 650737 points earned

5.Andrew Hayes 4th Class R16 174 skills mastered 16 hours worked 39 badges earned 184240 points earned

6.Robbie Cunningham 4th Class R16 205 skills mastered 17 hours worked 49 badges earned 273019 points earned

7.Cillian Fulmer 6th Class R11 245 skills mastered 14 hours worked 67 badges earned 514114 points earned

8.Daniel Mooney 4th Class R16 211 skills mastered 13 hours worked 53 badges earned 275060 points earned

9.Vagif Aliyev 6th Class R9 117 skills mastered 11 hours worked 43 badges earned 110312 points earned

10.Ciaran Foley 4th Class R16 98 skills mastered 10 hours worked 38 badges earned 106064 points earned.

Well done too, to Louis Galvin, Isobelle O’ Brien, Ciara Bright, Christophe Oudart, Jessica O’Connor, Oisin McManus, Alex Baines, Ciara Forde, Cathal Murphy and Aleisha Archer who came in the Top Twenty.