Saint Brigid’s National School, is a primary school situated in the middle of Greystones, Co. Wicklow. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education for all our children in a happy, safe and stimulating Christian environment, focusing on their academic, social, personal, moral and spiritual development to help the achieve their advancement.

Parents’ Association

Parents from the Gardening Committee came to show the children in infants how to plant seeds. You can see more about the gardening in St.Brigid’s if you click on this LINK

The gift that keeps on giving

A wonderful surprise
‘Buddy Bench in, awaiting its final home, but sturdy and ready for Monday morning :)’

Take a bow Colm (from Hollow Tree)
We can’t wait to try out the Buddy Bench!

‘E’ for Ella. ‘H’ for Hannah. It’s magic … just like a fairy story.

An imaginative addition to the school garden

We were surprised and delighted to see the new work by School Gardening Team in the school garden. What was once a blank wall is now covered in plants! We are looking forward to seeing them grow.

A message from the School Gardening Team

‘The school gardening team have been busy over the last few weeks. Once everyone was settled back to school we began by clearing out the area where the vegetable planters are. (These are located to the right of the main school gate).

In progress_spreadingbark

We gave the place a good weeding , moved the food recycle bins and created extra space for the children to enjoy hands on experience of sowing seeds and watching fruit and vegetables grow.

after_log seats

We covered the ground with wood chip and made a little sitting area out of logs so the children will be able to enjoy some outdoor planting and gardening. Has anyone spotted our beautiful wooden mushrooms Kindly donated to us by Kevin McLaughlin. 

After_mushrooms and pitchfork

To kick off the winter gardening season the Junior and Senior infants participated in a super morning of learning and excitement last Wednesday. 


They were lucky to have the Flynn brothers of The Happy Pear come in to talk to them about the importance of fruit and vegetables and introduced them to some wonderful and unusual tastes . They had such fun seeing who knew more; the boys or the girls . This was finished up by having a smoothie competition between the Senior Infants boys and girls.

In progress_bulbs 

Also that morning the two Senior infants planted broad bean seeds, garlic and onions. Junior Infants under took an experiment with Hyacinths . Growing one in water using a little hat to trick it into thinking it was planted in soil . 

Over the coming months we will be organising things for the senior classes. And come the spring time we will be once again partaking in the Innocent Smoothies Sow and Grow program. 

If anyone would like to get involved please contact the gardening committee on Melissa.mcconnell1’

The Parents’ Association

We value the involvement of parents at St Brigid’s. All parents of children at the school form the Parents’ Association (PA). The Parents’ Association works in close partnership with the Board of Management and the teaching team to promote the interests of the children and the involvement of parents in the school.

Parents’ Night
St.Brigid’s Parents’ Association

Nomination for committee roles 2016/17

The following roles on the Parents’ Association Committee need to be elected at this year’s Parents’ Night on Wednesday, September 14:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer (if you have any questions about this role please contact the PA)

If you would like to nominate a parent for any of these roles, please email the Parents’ Association at with the following information, by Tuesday, September 13:

  • Who you would like to nominate, and for what position.
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • The phone number of the parent you are nominating

Nominations will be read out at Parents’ Night on Wednesday, September 14, and voting carried out where necessary. Terms are typically for a period of two years.


The following parents have already expressed interest:

  • Chairperson – Aisling Carroll (Aisling’s two-year term as chairperson is now at an end. However, she is keen to continue with the role for one more year to complete a number of projects/ideas. If elected, this would mean that the role of Chairperson will be available for nomination again in September 2017.)
  • Vice Chairperson – Niamh Keogh
  • Secretary – Triona Driscoll (Triona has kindly offered to step back into the role of Secretary for one more year. If elected, this would mean that the role of Secretary will be available for nomination again in September 2017.)
  • Assistant Secretary – Joanne Tobin

Parents involvement in the school

Apart from various committees, many parents are involved as individuals in the school.

Some parents like to help with reading and activities. We greatly appreciate and welcome this help. The class teacher may give you an opportunity to volunteer on a rota basis. Help from parents is invaluable in many areas of the school, for example with classroom activities, walks, swimming, sports day, school shop and school tours.  Parents are asked to fill in a form so that they can be Garda vetted if they are to have unsupervised access to children.

The principal and staff are most grateful for all the help the school receives from parents. We look forward to seeing you at parents’ meetings, sports days, plays and concerts.

St Brigid’s coffee morning

The Parents’ Association invites parents of new children to a cup of coffee/tea
and a chat in the school hall on the first day of Autumn term from 9.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.

Information from the Parents Association:

Various Roles

Swimming Co Ordinator

Manages the two swimming slots that St. Brigid’s has in the Shoreline Leisure Centre.

Fills each slot with 60 swimmers – 120 in total. Liaises with the Schools Co-ordinator in Shoreline.

Arranges the annual enrolment day in September for Term 1. Manages the waiting lists so that places can be filled during the year. Manages re-enrolment for the 2nd and 3rd term.


Each year parents are asked for a Voluntary Contribution of €85 per family

The Fundraising Committee meets and discusses possible events which will hopefully attract the parents’ attention and provide a way to meet other parents in a social atmosphere, gathering much needed funds for the school.  We try to gauge the mood of the various activities which we bring to the table.  They are then presented to the PA for further discussion. Approval of Board of Management is then sought.

It is a great way to meet other parents. Children come to realise the effort that goes into making the school the success it is.


The role involves organising teas etc. for various events throughout the year.

Buying supplies that would be needed for any given event.

Contacting parents if necessary to look for volunteers with help on the day.

Writing to parents – again looking for help and home bakes etc.

Decorating the hall for some events.

Booking St. Kilian Parish Hall where necessary

Organising to have cutlery/delft etc available at St. Kilian Parish Hall

Setting out tables

Serving teas/coffees

Cleaning up

Storing and making sure all table cloths are clean

Preparing food for the Parents Thank You Night

The events are as follows:

•    Meeting for new parents (evening) – tea/coffee and biscuits

•    Teas for 1st Day at school parents (morning) – tea/coffee and biscuits

•    AGM (evening) – tea/coffee and biscuits

•    Confirmations (day time) – tea/coffee/biscuits/home bakes

•    Communions (day time) – tea/coffee/biscuits/home bakes

•    Thank you to parents, staff and B.O.M.(evening) – cheese/dips/nibbles

•    6th Class Farewell Night (evening) – tea/coffee/biscuits and home bakes

•    Any other events requested by Principal


St Brigid’s athletics sessions take place on Thursdays at 3 – 4pm and 4 – 5 pm at Shoreline Sports Park, Charlesland.

Activities include long jump, high jump, hurdles, javelin, shot put, discus, hammer, plyometrics, ladder drills, fun orienteering, archery, rock wall climbing and rounders.

All activities help to increase the child’s sporting abilities in a fun environment.  Children develop key skills such as balance, hand to eye co-ordination and posture, and benefit from participating in many sporting activities in a relaxed atmosphere.

One parent volunteers each week in order to supervise the signing in and out of children and assist with any need which may arise during the session such as an injury or bathroom break.

Usually each parent is only required to supervise once or twice during the year.

School Stationery Shop

The shop is located on the bottom lobby and is open four mornings a week: Mon – Thurs from 9.00 – 9.20am.

There is a rota system, where each person works one morning a week for a month, every second month. Each person has a copy of the rota with all the names and contact numbers.

If you cannot attend on a assigned day, you try to swap with someone else on the list for that month.

Access to the shop is through Sr. Kathleen’s office.  The keys are available from Sr. Kathleen if the door is locked.

Full training is provided for all new volunteers.

The shop sells all the school copies and stationary needed by the children. It does not sell school books.  All the items on the shelves are individually priced and there are copies of price lists on the wall for reference.

Duties are as follows:

If possible check the cash in the box with the previous days closing balance before you start.

Count the cash at the end and complete the reconciliation in the book provided. This book records: the date, op balance carried forward, the intake of the day, the closing balance and an amount to bank if the closing balance is in excess of  €40. Initial the entry.

Any money to be banked is to be given to the secretary in the office.

Check the stock of the items and if an item is low in stock ask the secretary to order it.

Check that there are sufficient coins of each denomination and if low ask the secretary to order from the bank.


Tuesday’s from 9am-11am (1st  to 6th Class)

August – From School Secretary get new class information,  new list of class teachers, children and room numbers for 1st – 6th class.

August – New library cards to be made for the incoming 1st class with their name and room number – yellow for girls / blue for boys.

In the library card box all the cards have to be adjusted with correct room numbers.

Check the current rota list and text each helper (if they can help again for the new term) – ask them their own child’s name and room number so you can send information via the classroom.

Once this is done compile a new rota list of parents with mobile numbers.

Set up Rota for term Sep – Dec and then a new rota from Jan – May.

Start the library mid Sept and finish last week of November as hall is then used for Christmas play etc.

Start the library mid Jan to May taking into account no library at midterm or Easter

Library closes end of May.  Hall in use for school plays etc.

When sending out rota to parents in September, address envelope to each parent and the secretary will have them delivered internally to the pupil’s classroom.

Library books to be maintained and any delivery of new books to the school have to be covered and set up so they can be used in the library or distributed to the classes.


This involves cleaning the classroom desks approximately once a month and usually takes an hour depending on the number of volunteers.


Involves looking after the plants in the school grounds.